Spare Parts Dealers Commend Gov’t

The Abossey Okai and Suame Magazine Spare Parts Dealers Associations have commended government for taking steps to reduce the import duties on goods.

According to a joint statement signed by the chairmen of the associations, Clement Boateng and Kwame Brenya, government was currently considering a further cut down on import duties in addition to the abolishment of the 10% import tax announced by the finance minister in the 2017 budget statement.

“We the above-mentioned associations would like to commend the government for listening to our appeal after our members started agitating over high import duties we were paying recently,” the statement said.

It further singled out the Commissioner of Customs Excise and Preventive Service (CEPS), Mr. Isaac Crentsil, and his deputy commissioner for frequently engaging the leadership of the associations on the issues such as sets and pieces of goods.

The statement indicated that it was through such meetings that a document was designed between the associations and CEPS to be used as a guide for evaluation.

“Nevertheless customs are obliged to use any authentic invoice that may be brought to them since this document developed by the two parties would serve as a guide,” the statement read.

The association thus expressed their gratitude to the commissioner for his efforts in engaging the members of the association on the issue through durbars and open forums.

The association thus pledged their commitment to reduce further their goods as soon as implementation of the guidelines starts.

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