We Don’t Enjoy Blaming NDC For Their Economic Mess - Kokofu

Former Member of Parliament for Bantama constituency, Dr. Henry Kwabena Kokofu has said his party and government in power do not enjoy blaming the previous government on its bad policies that have led the country into extreme hardship.

He said, rather, the government in power must make the citizens aware of what they inherited and how far they have reached correcting those mistakes.

“People keep asking why we keep blaming the previous government after two years in government. Why not? if the level of mess created is taking us more time than we expected to fix it,” he said.

Speaking on UTV’s ‘Adekye Nsroma’ programme, he affirmed “we will continue to remind ourselves what we inherited and the changes we have made so far, therefore, the blame game can never be taken out even though the ordinary Ghanaian is not interested in that, but I believe they will soon understand the basics of the past awareness.”

According to him, they have identified the problems facing the country and the solutions to those problems have as well been outlined, but the work cannot be done in a day.

“We know the problems and their respective solutions but we must make citizens aware of where we took over from. We must also let the past be our guide to know how far we have come . . .” he said.

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