I Am Too Strong For Idiots Killing Ghana Businesses To Destroy Me With Their Evil Mindsets - Oscar Doe

Ghanaian Businessman King Oscar Doe has said that he remains too strong for evil-minded persons who have been destroying well-to-do Ghanaians in recent times.

In a short, personal post laced with scriptural words, the Chairman of Doscar Group also said that he stands as the only one "the Baby Idiots could not succeed in destroying or disgracing with their evil mindset and evil deeds.

Read the post as follows..

"God In Heaven Gave A Decree From The Days Of Abraham That Unless Wealth Is Shared, Unless Political Power Is Shared To The Benefit Of It's People, So Since Then It's Been So; As God The Wisest Puts It, And It's Accordingly So, And So Shall It Be Till The End Of Time! God Has Spoken!

A Life Was Destroyed In Ghana! Many Well-To-Dos Were Destroyed By Our Merry-Go-Round, Recycled, Outdated, Petty, Gossips-Loving, Envious, Jealous, Vissionless, Backward, Back-Stabbing, Baby Idiots With Lack Of Understanding. Hollow Leaders! Empty-Headed Goro Boys!

Guess What? The Only Person The Baby Idiots Could Not Succeed In Destroying Or Disgracing With Their Evil Mindset And Their Evil Deeds Is His Royal Highness, The Most Colorfully-Decorated, Glamorous, Globally-Revered, Loved, Adored, Appreciated, Likeable, Bubbling, Loving, Caring, Generous, Caring, Compassionate, Jovial, Dramatic, Wealthy, Multi-millionaire (Heading To Become Officially A Billionaire Within The Next 10 Years, If God In Heaven Says YES To That Ambitions) The One And Only Undisputed, The Crown, The Only Good Thing That Ghana Can Boast Of To The Global Community. The Maverick, The Giant Dinosaur, Genius Of Selflessness; HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, THE MOST COLOURFUL OSCAR YAO DOE OF THE WORLD! WOW WOW WOW!

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