Of Fighting Corruption, Special Prosecutor Et Al

WHAT were we thinking of?  That the establishment of the Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) by the Akufo-Addo administration will cure all our corruption problems! Laughable, to say the least!

IT is pathetic that many Ghanaians drew the conclusion that corruption would be reduced to the barest minimum under the regime where we have the OSP headed by Martin A.B.K. Amidu.

A little over nine months after the establishment of the OSP, Ghanaians are yet to see real action by all this important anti-corruption state institution.  Maybe the OSP is working behind the scenes to fight this canker of a creature called corruption.

HOWEVER, if what we are hearing in public regarding the OSP is anything to go, then Today must ask the question: was it even necessary to set up that office?

NOT too long ago, the Auditor-General, Mr Daniel Domelevo, made it clear that Mr Amidu cannot be effective due to the circumstances he finds himself in.

ACCORDING to the auditor-general, the special prosecutor has not been provided with adequate logistics to enable him function properly.

SHORTLY after that we have heard Mr Amidu himself come out to make the claim that ministers of state have not been forthcoming with critical documents required for him to deliver on his mandate.  This is indeed a matter that must not be treated lightly, especially when we want to fight the corruption menace that continues to drain this country of much needed revenue for development projects.

AND now what we are hearing is the Deputy Attorney-General, Joseph Kpemka, revealing that there is an on-going process by the government to advance critical funds to the OSP this week.

SO the question is: why starve such an important anti-corruption institution of much needed funds to enable it function properly?

TODAY does not want to believe that there are subtle attempts to render the special prosecutor ineffective, knowing very well how Mr Amidu would want to go about his duties.

WE have always maintained that as a country we can fight corruption if our anti-corruption institutions are adequately resourced.  Making them strong and independent will definitely enable them to tackle corruption head-on.

THIS is why Today is quite concerned about developments unfolding at the OSP.  In our view government should act with a sense of urgency by resourcing the OSP to ensure that it delivers on its made.

FOR we cannot be seen pulling the brakes on corruption which consequences will be detrimental to the development of this country.

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