Fuel Pricing, Political Cynicism

Fuel pricing, especially when there is an upward movement, is a favoured subject for political cynicism. The recent price hike in the prices of petrol and diesel is no exception; the subject having been subjected to all manner of commentaries most of which are anything but sincere and veracious.

The commentaries are jaundiced and intended to achieve undeserved political dividends in the face of advances being recorded in the provision of development oriented projects across the country by the government.

The promise of drastic price reduction, a campaign trail pledge to win votes was not made by the incumbent administration as others did but failed to implement even when they came to power.

The reality is that in 2015, the petroleum pricing mechanism ceased being what it used to be – a fact which is verifiable but deliberately marginalized in propaganda polemics. It is against this background that we are worried, even scandalized that, cynics, educated as they are, would allow their partisan predispositions to overwhelm their consciences.

Only the politically insincere would ignore the truth and rather peddle the contrary just so their agenda would be afloat. But for how long can this be given the fact that the truth would always surface.

Petroleum product prices are dynamic: very sensitive to movements on the international market. Force majeure when they do occur in whatever form have a way of impacting on prices.

We do not intend to speak for those who should be explaining these issues but for the mendacious remarks being made by those seeking to incite consumers against government.

The National Petroleum Authority (NPA) Chief Executive Officer, Alhassan Tampuli, said it all when he traced the recent hike in prices of petroleum products to the Bulk Distribution Companies and Oil Marketing Companies. To make it look like government just by a fiat announced price hikes is as unfortunate as it is symptomatic of diabolic politicians for whom the end justifies the means.

These service providers determine prices as per the arrangement adopted in 2015. Allowing market forces to determine prices as opposed to the previous arrangement when government did so came with an assortment of economic challenges.

It was in our efforts to obviate these detrimental outcomes which informed the adoption of the status quo. We condemn therefore the attempts to throw dust into the eyes of Ghanaians when the realities are ignored and lies peddled the way they have in the past few days.

If Ghanaians want us to return to the previous failed order and suffer the untoward economic consequences let them say so. But surely it is the responsibility of those we voted for to determine which arrangement is best suited for our circumstances. That is why leadership will be held responsible for decisions taken on behalf of the people.

As noted earlier, the NDC government in charge then decided upon the applicable arrangement and so if we desire a return to the old order let us say so. We would however condemn hypocritical remarks and cynicism under the circumstances.

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