For Want Of Something To Latch On

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) have latched on to the Kwesi Nyantakyi ruling trying desperately to link the former Ghana Football Association (GFA) President to the President of the Republic.

It is their bid to establish that Kwesi Nyantakyi is a pal of the President; the two jointly managing soccer in the country so they can have him soiled in the graft associated with the former.

Desperate efforts when they are not grounded on sound premises expose the innate mischief of a person or a grouping as in the case of the NDC.

Following the ruling of the World Football Governing Body FIFA banning the former GFA President and slapping a hefty fine on him, the opposition party, has in a statement, described Mr. Nyantakyi as a ‘close confidant’ of the President.

We Ghanaians have never known Kwesi Nyantakyi to be a close confidante of the President such knowledge only available to the NDC at this time of their political predicament. When a political grouping is in a befuddled state, such labeling as they seek to do with their statement, becomes common.

The objective in this case is anything but good intentioned. It is calculated at inciting public opinion against the President which in their warped belief would inure to their electoral interest. If they had thought through this, the statement would have been shredded and not dumped on the Ghanaian public and attracting them opprobrium.

In the party’s statement, the President is being asked to open himself for investigation having, according to them, been mentioned in the secret recording as being an accomplice.

It amounts to stupidity when the fact of the President himself directing the Police CID to investigate the matter is deliberately ignored by the NDC in their bid to give him a bad name.

To the best of our knowledge, there has not been an instance of an attempt by the President to stall any investigation in the matter under review anyway.

If indeed FIFA undertook an investigation which we are confident they did, the complicity of the President would have come out glaringly and there would not have been any shielding of any culprit. In a social media driven age, such matters cannot be permanently concealed under the carpet.

When the CID complete their investigation into former NDC ministers and MPs drawing double salaries, then they can turn their attention to the request of the opposition party. In any case, at the time of concluding this commentary, word has been released that the said investigation ordered by the President has been concluded.   The report shall be out soon and when it does, we should await another statement from the NDC.

Those who thought out this unnecessary statement with the aforementioned objective, must be living comfortably in a fool’s paradise if, especially, they expect it to reverse the general negative impression about the NDC using such puerile thoughts.

Politics continues to be robbed of decent persons – the reason being not wanting to suffer the roughshod riding of the NDC.

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