Living Up To The Violent Billing

Now the diplomats would be in a better position to determine who the villain is when it comes to vigilantism in the country.

They pillaged the country when they were in power and now that they are in opposition, no longer able to dip their hands in the public purse, they would do everything to present the country as a useless case.

We were not perturbed at all about the former President spewing lies about the country’s security situation when he hosted a section of diplomats recently. We knew that very soon the truth would be out and the double-tongued man would be exposed.

The Kumasi Hollywood style clash occasioning in the loss of life and the perpetration of fear and panic manifests what the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is capable of doing. The former President’s earlier disclosure about the unenviable pedigree of the party in matters of violence and national security breaches have been played out palpably for all to see and disapprove of.

What happened in Kumasi yesterday, although regrettable, is auspicious, occurring at a time when the Commission Of Enquiry is hearing about what happened during the Ayawaso West Wuogon constituency bye-election recently. There are many firearms in the hands of NDC hoodlums and this is a threat to national security.

The former President got it right when he virtually said the New Patriotic Party (NPP) does not come near the NDC in matters of violence. Of course, the NPP has no such records of blood-spilling and must be careful when dealing with their opponents in the NDC.

We are disturbed as are all responsible Ghanaians about the rising incidents of bloodshed originating from the NDC and the accompanying sabre-rattling by the former President; the latter actually providing the incendiary impetus.  

The show of impunity which disrupted a meeting of the opposition NDC in Kumasi must be taken seriously by the Police. Coming a few days after the IGP/Mr. David Asante-Apeatu announced a Zero Tolerance for Vigilantism, it offers an opportunity for the Chief Constable to let us appreciate his commitment to his word.

This is a test case which must be dealt with according to the law otherwise impunity would be entrenched in the body-politics of the country in a manner which would cause harm to our fledgling democracy.

The NDC birthed the vigilante groups: their origin traceable to the so-called revolutionary militias. Now fully mutated, they are ready to devour the leadership of the party in a manner never seen before in the country.

The leaders of the party who fled and left their footwear behind must appreciate the importance of law and order and how the rule of law must be allowed to be the cornerstone of our democracy.

Yesterday, it was interesting how the NDC machinery descended upon the DAILY GUIDE creating the impression that we were concocting a negative story about their blood-stained Kumasi meeting.

When the story blew in their faces the narrative changed and we were exonerated but we were denied the pacifying apology. We do not lie but present the story as it is. Now who is lying? NDC or the DAILY GUIDE? A party which is hinged upon propaganda would hardly change its traits.

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