110 Ministers Brouhaha: Numeric or Economic - Where Lies The Illegality?

Big number?
On what terms?
Numeric or Economic?

Inspite of my ignorance, I do understand that:
any action of government executed within the confines of our existing laws shall not be demonized or ridiculed, that shall be a mockery of our own sovereignty.

I also do understand, and believe you do too, that, our laws will not in the exercise of his prerogative, allow the president space for any act that would be inimical to the economy, certainly not in it's current state of fragility.

For me, unless the Constitution of Ghana has outlived its functionality, what is illegal are:

• Corruption;
• Stealing state funds;
• Ballooning government project costs;
• Allowing corrupt government officials to get away with tax payers money unpunished;
• Paying illegal judgement debts to party financiers and undeserving contractors;
• Imposing illicit levies on consumption (Eg, on petroleum products);
• Government manned create - loot - share organisations like SADA, GYEEDA, SUBAH, others not mentioned;
• Accepting bribe as upfront to government contracts, etc.

If this hollow case is not an attempt to neutralize the erstwhile Prof Mills - JDM led and JDM - Amissah Arthur headed corrupt administrations or a popularity contest, then be mindful that:

"Drastic Situations Call For Drastic Measures."

I spotted a caption in the media on the President's response to the criticisms, and I was like: "Nana, leave the barking dogs alone and stay focused - Mustapha Hamid and his lieutenants have great legal catapults, they'll do the stoning."

Energy and time should rather be spent on advancing for a fair inclusion demographically as the president's power decentralization process unfolds. (Eg. what's up for grabs in government for indigenes of Koforidua, Eastern Regional Capital, Mr. President?).

To those bent on playing mischief about this being the biggest government size in history, I agree.

But, for fairness and neutrality sake, let them also objectively speak to my self - framed topic:

"Government Size, National Debt Stock & Level Of Economic Wreck Inherited in Ghana's History."

If they did, they'd have realised that; the Nana Addo - Dr. Bawumia led government has innocently been passed on the largest national debt stock and economic mess ever in our history, with some huge debts not accounted for out of either malice or shame during the transition period until the current government assumed office - How sad!

The statistics are not far from fetch.

This unfounded and doom - mongering argument would have been more constructive and interesting at the evaluation phase.

Please save the castigation and chastising for the results evaluation stage, that makes more sense.

Has anyone discovered even a tittle of unconstitutionality in the president's appointments? Let them head to court, and I SHALL support wholeheartedly.

Till then: "The End Justifies The Means" they say.

How ignorant I am!

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