Edmund Kyei Writes: John Mahama Is Selfish And Careless About The Welfare Of Ghana And His Party

In the political history of Ghana, 2020 will be the first elections that a former President would become a flagbearer and opposition leader. Most former Presidents become statemen after their exist. Many people may say it is because they have served their full 8 years term and the constitution of Ghana prevents them from contesting again.

The case of former President John Mahama may not be different from that of our former Presidents whom the constitution of Ghana prevents them from contesting. The constitution of Ghana may not prevent H.E John Mahama from contesting but the massive defeat and rejection from Ghanaians in the 2016 elections should tell him not to contest again.

Ghanaians faced a lot of hardships under the John Mahama led administration eg. unstable electricity supply collapsed most businesses and became a major contributor to unemployment. Ghana found herself under the management of I.M.F under the John Mahama led administration which led to the net freeze on employment.

Corruption cases increased and huge sums of money were wasted through corruption. Money which could have been used for developmental projects were wasted through corruption cases like the 52million Woyome judgement debt, 3.2 million bus branding, Gyeeda, Isofoton etc. The economy of Ghana shrinked with all sectors and indicators of the economy fell which brought hardship on Ghanaians.

The NPP took over in 2016 and Ghanaians testify to major improvement in their lives. The introduction of free education has relieved the burden on parents, Nabco, Youth in afforestation and many others are helping solved unemployment problems.

It is clear that Ghanaians would reject John Mahama again in 2020 which he himself knows but the question now is why he still insist to contest again. Is it a plot to destroy the future of the NDC which he wants to contest on its ticket or in an unlikely possibility of winning, is it a plot to take back the country to the hardships we suffered during his tenure?

I believe Ghanaians would reject him again in 2020 but I pray he would reconsider his decision to contest and consider the welfare of his party and Ghanaians who are benefiting from the national cake under the NPP administration.

Edmund Kyei

NPP Asokwa Constituency 1st Vice Chairman and member of the NPP Communications team

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