Andy Owusu Writes: Hannah Bissiw Could Never Have Won, If Not For Her Vote Buying

There are enough evidence to show that the just ended national congress of the NDC was characterized by the highest degree of vote buying and a show exclusively for the highest bidder - a regrettable situation which spells doom for our political development.

It was a shame to see how a political organisation like the NDC would have its delegates choosing money over competency. 

It's still mindboggling how an arrogant personality like Hanna Bissiw could win an election all because she was the highest bidder or possibly had a financier.

Hannah Bissiw has a stained record of arrogance and lack of maturity considering how she heartlessly retrieved beds and other items she bought for a hospital after she lost her seat.  A shameful act that has soiled her reputation in our political dispensation and indeed, if not for money, this should have been a good reason to vote against her candidature.

So, I was utterly amazed that some delegates of the NDC could even accept her gestures, because, they should have feared of the worst and the possibility of she retrieving her goodies if she does not win. Luckily for them, she won.

So, it's an open secret that Hannah Bissiw's victory only came because she bought cheap votes and it was disgusting to see how she jubilated after buying those votes. 

If the NDC delegates had considered anything aside money, Hannah Bissiw would not have been a women's organiser, because, she lacks the capacity to lead, she is arrogant and disrespectful and these few bad qualities should have worked against her victory, but, she won because she got some cheap votes to buy.

I wish to call on all civil society organizations’ to collectively condemn such forms of cheap votes buying in our body politics, because these forms of monetization would only compromise the integrity and value of our political development. 

Money cannot always be the winner, but, let us reward competence, integrity and capacity to build.

Andy Owusu

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