Owusu Bempah Writes To Kevin Taylor

I couldn’t help but shrug my shoulders in utter disbelief when I watched Kevin Taylor’s spiteful piece of commentary on President Akufo-Addo, calling him a tyrant, anarchist and dictator.

Was I surprised by the Mr Taylor's lack of grasp on Ghana’s political developments? Absolutely, not. In democratic Ghanaian politics, it is not unusual to see, and read, off-centered accounts from faceless actors who exploit the generousity of cyber-technology to express their quaint views on socio-political matters.

Kevin Taylor stated in his commentary that, President Akufo-Addo supports political vigilantism and violence, and that what happened in Ayawaso West Wuagon should be squarely laid at the doorsteps of the president.

Well, in the preceding months to the 2020 general elections, we are seeing a persistent onslaught by certain nomadic minds to discredit the president and his NPP party. Can Kevin Taylor tell us the role president Addo D played in Ayawaso violence to merit such an attack on his person and credibility with such a strength of mind? If not, then he unfortunately, falls into the orbit of storytellers who lack the meta-analysis of history, yet play historians for the sake of partisan politics.

In the new post-Cold War order, would the international community stand unworried to watch a sitting president, who is accused of heinous atrocities, travel to the West, and other parts of the world, to address his international audience without being accosted and even isolated? If Taylor’s contrived tales are true, which they aren’t, why can’t the NDC he supports take the initiate of using the constitutional framework to deal with the president?

What is the essence of having a state, and a government, if the two cannot fulfill Taylor’s wishful hallucinations? The Taylor and his NDC dare not for one simply reason; it is all a vicious propaganda to make the president look bad in the eyes of the right thinking members of society.

Well, I thought the Mr Taylor was bent on documenting President Addo D’ alleged violent crimes to have him take responsibly for his criminal acts. Why did he suddenly backtrack if he believes in his made-up story? Or he's trying to incite the public to do his bidding? Maybe, the faceless author can spare us the suspense, get his facts straight, and come back to us with his incontrovertible facts. Many attempts have been made, in the past, to harm the reputation of president Addo D, all to no avail. They all failed. Didn’t they?

Rather than blame President Addo D solely for the violence at Ayawaso West Wuogon, the author should do some research and find out the cause of the violence. Better still, he can wait for the recommendations of the Emile Short Commission of Inquiry.

While the nation's national security outfit do bear some responsibility for the some of the excesses that went on during the Ayawaso by-elections, the NDC and its thugs was/is partially responsible for the violence.

While the violence at Ayawaso is regrettable, no sane mind would attempt to blame the president for it. If Kevin Taylor has evidence to implicate the president, whyfore wouldn't he exercise his civic responsibility and give the facts to the International Court of Justice? I thought Kevin Taylor is seeking justice. Isn’t he?

In his never-ending wisdom, Kevin Taylor labelled the peerless Addo D as undemocratic.

I don’t want to sound condescending; however, I am amazed by the shallowness of this misfit, ill-educated redneck, snotty-nosed snob and petty criminal in not getting his facts in order. Was the preceding the reason why his cult leader- John Mahama willingly hand over power after a successful democratic elections? How can you call Addo D undemocratic? Someone who has devoted all his life to civil rights?

What an interesting supposition from a deluded mind, for lack of a better word.

This is the same guy who was caught up in some academic Ponzi scheme in the state. A petty criminal who thinks it is in his place to denigrate our leaders.

Let this nation be the judge and form its opinion on the insanity that is slowly eating the minds of some of our nation’s second-rate brains who think that their contribution to national politics makes them renowned pundits in democratic politics.

A nation that spends its time and resources on publicizing, and mistaking, the esoteric for a fact cannot compete with civilized nations. Let’s act with as smart beings and not sheepish followers who constantly mistake the stringing unformulated thoughts for a treatise.

Kevin Taylor, next time, check yourself properly before attempting to engage in mental combat. I guess it is another failed attempt to engage.

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