Free SHS Tormenting John Mahama

The spate of negative sentiments he has been expressing lately over the implementation of the pro-poor Free Senior High School programme clearly shows that the policy is torturing him.

He says that the popularity of the policy amongst parents will wane and cause parents to abandon the policy since it has reduced the quality of education at that level.

The logical question to ask him is upon which parameters is he making these assertions? When was an assessment in the area of quality conducted for Mr. Mahama to be making this assertion?

President Akufo-Addo's Free S.H.S policy is like fire which Mahama cannot handle. It gives him nightmares.

From day one, Mahama and his henchmen have been attacking this policy for obvious reasons. He knows that it is a legacy that has the potential to keep his political tradition on the bench for ages.

The agenda, therefore, is to punch holes into the policy from all angles so that it becomes ordinary in the eyes of the general public.

It is important to remind Ghanaians that Mahama intends to collapse the Free SHS policy should he become president again. It is against this backdrop that he is preparing the minds of Ghanaians beforehand so that if he kills the policy, it would be nothing strange. Mahama simply doesn't want Ghanaians to be educated. Let us reject him before he dumps Free SHS into the dustbin of oblivion.

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