One Village One Dam Comment By Mahama Shows President Akuffo Addo Is Visionary - Edmund Kyei Replies Mahama

On ex President Mahama' tour at the new created Savannah Region he made an astonishing claim that his government was able to create 120 dugout for irrigation before he left office. Meanwhile those dugouts he was claiming he built could not be found anywhere in the three Northern region, which means it is either his appointees who were in charge lied to him or he is being mischief.

His Excellency the president Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo was able to think outside the box and he figured out the main occupation of the three Northern Region was Agriculture so being a visionary leader he saw during dry season agriculture output is low so the then candidate Nana Addo promised each village or community a dam for irrigation to enable them have a year round harvest but not seasonal harvest as it used to be.

Government intends to build 570 dams in the three Northern Region and currently 160 are under completion stages. I want ex President Mahama to know there are several types of dams according to their purposes; Nana Addo's government is not constructing a hydro electric dam but rather irrigation dams. Ex President should start a search for his lost dams as he is claiming and also stop deceiving the good people of our land.

.... Signed....
Edmund Kyei
Asokwa Constituency 1st Vice Chairman and Member of NPP Communication

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