Mahama’s So Called Promises Are “Kalabula, 419 And A Deceptive Campaign Message – Abronye DC



Former President John Dramani Mahama, the flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has indicated his willingness to construct a bridge over River Oti if voted back to power in 2020.

All these promises are deceptive and a way to scam Ghanaians particularly the people of Oti region.

I say so because this same Mahama had already promised the people of Oti region on the 15th October, 2012 prior to the 2012 general elections that, when voted for as president, he would construct a bridge over the Oti river for them.
He said this while addressing a rally at Saboba in the then Northern Region as part of this 3 days tour to the region. This story was subsequently published by the Ghana News Agency on their website also available on with the caption : I do not believe In tribal politics - Prez Mahama. See the link attached

At paragraph 12 of the said news publication, President Mahama now Candidate Mahama announced that government had attained equipment from Spain to fix the bridge on the Oti River, which separates Ghana from Togo.

This clearly tells us the true behavior of John Mahama. He still hold the conception and idea that, Ghanaians are suffering from a short memory syndrome.

Secondly, it was President Kuffour in the earnest period of the NPP administration that secured funding of $250 million for the construction of an hydroelectric dam and a bridge on the Oti River.

However, when NDC assumed power in 2009 they diverted this funds. They claim they were going to use those monies to fix the Eastern corridor roads.

John Mahama was the sole engineer of this diversion because he wanted his very good friend a Burkinabe contractor, Djibril Kanazoe, who bought him a Ford Expedition car to benefit from that money so he can also get his percentage as he always does.

This is supported with the evidence from the NDC top 50 achievement book published in 2010 by the NDC.
At page 6 of that book, it was noted that, “The Brazilian US$ 250 million credit facility which was initially meant for the construction of a hydroelectric dam in the Oti River has been converted to the construction of part of the Eastern Corridor Road.”

For the avoidance of doubt, a photograph of the said page of the book is attached to this write up.

Now, we have John Mahama telling us he will construct a bridge over the Oti river.
Is he not trying to deceive Ghanaians and play on the minds of the people of Oti? Is he not insulting the chiefs and people of Oti Region? Is he not trying to tell the good people of Oti region that they are suffering from a short memory syndrome as he has always described Ghanaians?

Now, fast forward 2019, on the 16th May the president of the Republic, President Nana Addo whilst inaugurating the Oti region, said “Government was in talks with a Dutch firm on the construction of a bridge over the River Oti, expected to take off by the fourth quarter of 2019.”

After the president said this, it is clear that, measures are underway to commence the construction in no time.

It is about time Ghanaians stop giving John Mahama attention. He is suffering from a loose talk talk syndrome and has also been infected with the spirit of lying and thus needs spiritual and medical attention. Mahama needs to be cured immediately before things get out of hand.
If we don’t cure him, he will end up polluting all our children by teaching them how to tell lies, deceive and scam people like how he( Mahama) is doing now.

Finally, in so far as election 2020 is concerned, some of us are willing to always strip him naked when ever he spills lies and fallacies.

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