Introduction Of New Driver’s Licence: "Price Is Still Being Discussed - DVLA

The attention of the management of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority has been drawn to speculations by certain groups of people pertaining to the cost of the new Smart Driver’s Licence about to be launched and how the Authority intends to manage the old and new licences.

Management wishes to explain that the price of the new Smart Driver’s Licence is still being discussed and the public will be duly informed when a decision is made. Management assures of its sensitivity to the concerns of our customers and will, therefore, come up with an affordable price.

Management again wishes to explain that the Smart Driver’s Licence that will be issued after the launch of the product will be used side-by-side the old licence until the old one expires and the customer is issued with a new licence. Besides, the new licence will be issued under the following conditions:

a.When a customer misplaces his/her licence

b.When a customer applies for a foreign licence to be converted to a local one

c.When a licence becomes completely defaced, and

d.When an applicant successfully goes through a licence upgrade.

In addition to those legally mandated occasions when Authority would have no choice than to issue a new Smart Driver’s Licence to customers, all customers who voluntarily decide to change the old licence for a new one, in order to enjoy the benefits that will accrue from the use of the Smart Driver’s Licence, will be given the opportunity to do so and will pay a reasonable amount that is being currently discussed.

Last but not the least, management wishes to explain that it was still in the process of putting strategies together to adequately educate all its major stakeholders as well as the general public when information on the new smart Driver’s Licence inadvertently got to the press.

Management assures that it will do everything possible to ensure that all Ghanaians, especially our major stakeholders, are effectively engaged and educated before the launch of the new smart driver’s licence.


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