RE: A Petition For The Removal From Office Of Pauline Dadzawa, On Grounds Of Incompetence

I have had the opportunity to read a petition submitted to the President of the this country H.E Nana Akuffo Addo by two "NDC babies on tramadol"

It is unambiguous that, this country is a nation regulated by a constitution which is the Supreme law of the land.

All citizens expect the president to act in accordance with stated laws and provisions in other words "intra vires". Any conduct or action of the president done in excess of the powers conferred on him, he is deemed to have acted or conducted himself "ultra vires"

I am very worried the petitioners have allowed themselves to be manipulated by the NDC with their overwhelming illiteracy.

I would like to state categorically that, the said petition is void and ineffective on arrival. I don't want to believe that they wrote the petition while on tramadol. The petition submitted to the president is bogus, empty, wrong in the eyes of law, unconstitutional and therefore illegal.

I say so because, The petitioners referred to article 146 in their petition. However, it must be noted clearly that, article 44(3) of the 1992 constitution clearly states that, "The two Deputy Chairmen of the Commission shall have the same terms and conditions of service as are applicable to a Justice of the High Court."

The above provision can be interpreted literally and purposively to mean that, only the two deputies of the Electoral commission shall fall with the confinements of article 146.

It must therefore be noted that the four other members of the commission do not fall under article 146 because, they are not persons who hold offices equivalent to that of persons holding office of the superior court of judicature therefore, the president has no locus to accept the petition not to even think of reading it.

The four other members of the commission as appointed by virtue of article 43 (1)(c) are not commissioners but members of the commission. They do not enjoy the terms, privileges and conditions of office as members of the superior court of judicature as the commissioner and his two deputies does.

If it is the Eric Adjei who happens and the immediate past Constituency communication officer for Jaman North Constituency on behalf of the NDC who signed this petition then I must say he needs a mental treatment and must avail himself for immediate treatment before it's to late.

The petition by the "two NDC babies on tramadol" is a clear indication of frustration. I will like to therefore edge the president not to waste his time on this baseless petition but rather, he should be focused at fixing the degraded economy the NDC left.

Kwame Baffoe Abronye

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