STATEMENT: Ministry Of Education Mourns Kofi Annan

Kofi Annan was a remarkable global citizen who professed the Ghanaian attribute on the international stage.

He was a champion of the aspirations shared by people, of a world, united in peaceful purpose, and with working institutions and governments, that ties itself for the dignity of humankind.

We would remember him for his efforts in crafting the MDGs(Now SDGs) and the criminalization of political excesses that results in blood baths (Rome statutes ).

More importantly, his life reminds us the Ghanaian people, that with great efforts, it is within range for a Ghanaian child to rise to global prominence, and shape the future of the world.

Recently, he visited Ministry of Education to give us words of encouragement and support in the early days of the FREE SHS and also to thank Government on the successful end of his tenure, serving two terms, as Chancellor of the Univerisity of Ghana.

On behalf of the students of Ghana and the staff of the Ministry of Education, we sympathize with his family, and thank God for the life of such a great stalwart, whose distinguished career, was exemplary to young students and shaped lots of lives.

Damirifa Due.

Hon Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh

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