Top Pastors Render Apology To Akonodi Shrine

The Daily Heritage newspaper has learnt that more than ten top popular pastors and prophets in the country have sneaked to render their unqualified apology to the priestess of Akonodi Shrine located at Larteh Akuapem in the Eastern region after the priestess threatened to expose them.

Information gathered by the paper and confirmed by Nana Oparebea Ansah, the Akonedi Priestess indicated that the pastors who were frightened by the caution given by the priestess quickly rushed to the shrine on separate days to apologize for the use of vulgar words against the shrine on pulpits and in the media.

According to the Akonedi priestess, purification rites were performed at the shrine on behalf of the culprits.

She said, other pastors who are being helped by the shrine have also communicated to her via mobile phone to express their regret over the-misconduct of their colleagues.

She further revealed that the gods said that they will not tolerate any form of insubordination from “men of God” who are receiving support from the shrine.

The Daily Heritage published weeks ago that the Akonedi Priestess for the first time bared her teeth and threatened to expose 80 top pastors and prophets in the country for gross misconduct by speaking against the shrine in the media and other platforms after being offered help by the shrine.

Uncharacteristic of the Akonedi shrine, she warned that if that pastors and prophets do not apologize and discontinue showing disrespect to the shrine, she will expose them spiritually and physically.

She said the pastors have been supported to perform miracles and are recording growth in their churches due to the miracles they perform; however, they cast insults and insinuations on the shrine at the least opportunity to portray themselves as true men of God.

Nana Oparebea said the gods were getting angry and warned to crack the whip on the pastors and prophets. She said although the shrine believes in confidentiality it will not entertain any disrespect of the deity.

When asked to mention some prominent names among the eighty pastors, Nana Oparebea said the pastors and the prophets are the loud voices in the media who preach with miracles, does wonders and give big prophecies.

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