Jurors “Abandon” Major Mahama Trial

Major Mahama’s trial case was thrown into further jeopardy  Monday morning at the Accra High Court when some jurors begged the court to exclude them from the trial of the 14 people accused of killing Major Maxwell Mahama.

At its last sitting on April 12, 2018, six jurors were empaneled, falling short of the required seven.

But the court’s attempt to get the last juror Monday was thrown into jeopardy when a member of the six jurors, presented a letter to the court, praying the court to exclude her.

Her exclusion brought the number of jurors to five, but the process to select other jurors failed when two potential jurors told the court that they were not comfortable being part of the panel.

One of them, a male, was excluded after one of the accused persons rejected him, but the other juror, a female, even after her selection begged the court to exclude her.

When asked by the presiding judge to give a tangible reason, she said she was not “comfortable and capable.”

The court finally excluded her and adjourned the case to April 25, 2018 to continue with the jury selection.

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