Rains Leave Koforidua Flooded

A rainfall Thursday afternoon has left the Eastern Regional capital of Koforidua flooded.

Scores of people whose homes the flood waters violently entered have also been displaced.

The rains started at 11:50 and lasted for about an hour.  It's destruction to properties will however linger for a long time as many people are still in shock over the intensity,  and sheer destruction.

Heavily affected areas included Nsukwao, where the Nsukwao River overflowed it's banks displacing hundreds of people who live in and around that part of Koforidua.

Also affected are residents of Sentimental,  Zongo, Musuko, Two Streams, all suburbs of Koforidua.

Traders at the Central Business District (CBD) were not spared.  The flood water virtually submerged the entire market leaving items being sold including even some in shops floating freely.

No death was recorded as of 5pm.  However,  the Eastern Regional National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO)  official in charge of

Operations, Mr Alfred Owiredu Agyemang said but for the bravery of some youth at Sentimental, a child would have been carried away.

"We are told that the child is now receiving treatment at the Central Hospital," he told Graphic Online.

Beyond control

This is not the first time Koforidua is getting flooded but Mr Owiredu Agyemang described this as "beyond control."

In some of the homes, the water was up to peoples waist.

The extent of damage has been enormous", he stated.

The floods also caused heavy gridlock in and around the CBD. 

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