The NDC Is A Disgrace To Politics- Andy Owusu Writes

It is disgusting how we find persons like ex-President Mahama, Asiedu Nketia and Sammy Gyamfi desperately throwing out lies targeted at President Akufo-Addo and the NPP all in the name of politics.

I find them as a disgrace to our body politics, because I believe politics should not be driven with unverified information and propaganda unless they want to tell us they are serial callers now. This is  because lately, they are fond of falsehoods.

On most occasions, ex-President Mahama and his cohorts; Aseidu Nketiah and Sammy Gyamfi have been telling lies, defending untrue information only to deceive Ghanaians. This is a shamefully action that should not be encouraged in politics.

Not long ago in the Brong Ahafo Region, Mr. Mahama lied about the state of payment for persons owed by the DKM. He tried to put out an unverified information and spread falsehood all in his desperate quest to fight his 1 million vote deficit.

Mr. Mahama was put right by the various stakeholders of the DKM and he shamelessly did not apologise. Mr. Mahama, in all his attempts to put President Akufo-Addo in a bad light has failed and it is a shame nobody in the NDC is learning to change for a credible plan.

However, you will find Asiedu Nketia defending why they are charging an unreasonable 42k as filing fee. He even lied the NPP charged more. Facts were checked to correct his falsehood, but, he shamelessly did not apologise to the well meaning Ghanaians he was misleading.

Sadly in a space of a week, Sammy Gyamfi, the National Communication Officer of the NDC was asked to put out falsehood only to put the name of President Akufo Addo into disrepute.

As the official mouthpiece of the NDC, he was charged to lie on the legitimacy of the President's travel to South Africa.

His wicked lies were corrected but, covered in his arrogance and disrespect, he gave a subtle apology. A young boy paid to disrespect, lie and finally ruin his political career with his arrogance.

I can't simply understand why the NDC can not find a reasonable plan, but, are only spreading wicked lies all in the name of doing politics. I find them disgusting, desperate and unfortunate crop of persons in our body politics.

Though the well meaning Ghanaian knows the NDC is a disgrace, I can only advice them to stop propagating lies that would further put our politics into disrepute.

They must equally know, such form of propaganda are mostly spread across by serial callers.

Andy Owusu.

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