Vetting of Ministers: Parliament Limits Guests of Ministerial Nominees To 10

Parliament has placed a limit on the number of guests who follow a ministerial nominee to vetting.

The number which has been reduced to 10 was disclosed by the Speaker of parliament, Prof. Aaron Mike Ocquaye.

Parliamentary correspondent, Emmanuel Akorli told Peace FM News that Speaker of Parliament Professor Mike Ocquaye said it will sanitize sittings of the Appointments committee and make it more effective.

“The Parliamentary Service Board and leaders have noticed and heard some of the comments which run regarding our vetting process and it is not a joke as sometimes some commentators will want to convey.

“[And] We thought we should revise some of our systems so as to give business efficacy to the process of vetting. It’s not just some formality and parliament is very mindful of this onerous constitutional duty in that regard,” said Professor Oquaye when announcing the changes.

“We also realize that sometimes the numbers that come into the room do not help the process. That’s to say the least. And there have been giggling seen all over TV and other remarks, gestures and postures which are not the best in all the serious circumstances of the process of carrying out our constitutional duty.

“Therefore, we limited and we announced in this honorable House well in advance that only 10 members of a nominee’s family, friends or others may come to the hall.”

Previously, nominees were afforded the opportunity to appear before the committee with limitless number of guests crowding the conference room.

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