PHOTOS: Be Calm, Your Roads Will Receive Face lift Soon – Adentan MP Assures Constituents

Member of Parliament for Adentan Constituency on the ticket of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Lawyer Yaw Buaben Asamoa has urged his constituents to exercise patience ahead of the expected commencement of construction work on some of the roads in the constituency.

According to him contractors have moved to site to begin work on the arterial Ashale Botwe roads.

In a statement, he pleaded with his constituents to exercise patience as their needs shall be met soon

Find below his full statement- 


This is to assure the people of Adentan Municipality, especially those who live near and those who move regularly on the arterial Ashale Botwe road that, the road has already been given out on contract for remedial works which will see a concrete asphaltic overlay soon.

I have taken positive notice of media reports as well as an internet petition seeking action on the road. No doubt the poor surface of the road, especially bad in certain sections, makes residents and users anxious. Please be calm and relax because the contract for asphaltic overlay received approval last year, and was awarded to JUSTMOH CONSTRUCTION whose equipment was seen recently scarifying the ‘Highways Junction’ part of the road.

Upon election as Member of Parliament for Adentan Constituency, I learnt that Adentan Municipality had nearly 664 km of roads of which barely 140km were paved. That left a deficit in excess of 400km.

I immediately went to work. With the Presiding Member, Municipal Chief Executive and Municipal Urban Roads Engineer in support, a process was pursued that resulted in a pledge of works on about eleven (11) major arterial roads by the Ministry of Roads and Highways (MRH). Moreover, the Ministry sanctioned the continuation to completion of the Dual Carriageway in the ‘Aviation’ area. 

Currently, the Ministry of Roads and Highways, through the Department of Urban Roads, is actively constructing and or have initiated construction on eight major arterial roads. They are

1.      The Otanor dual carriageway to School Junction being done by Oswald Limited. Residents and road users on that construction site will attest to the professionally excellent job being executed by the Ghanaian Contractor who delivered the Aviation road as well.

The challenge at School Junction is a Terminal for commercial transport services. Extensive work is being done to secure an appropriate location for a functional terminal.

2.      The asphaltic overlay of roads within the SSNIT Flats, also to be executed by Oswald Limited. Indications are that the works will begin soon and be done in tandem with the ongoing Otanor works.

3.      The Ghana Canada road which is virtually complete.

4.      The Contractor is on site already, working on drains on the especially bad ‘Nsuonano/Lakeside road.

5.      Nanakrom to Katamanso is ongoing.

6.      Amanfrom (Regimanuel) to Katamanso is also ongoing.

7.      ‘Lotto Kiosk’ in front of Oyoko Clinic is also ongoing.

8.      Then of course the Ashale Botwe asphaltic overlay.

Considering the state of the national coffers the Nana Addo Government inherited, I believe the Government has been very generous to Adentan Constituency with the above roads. Indeed, Adentan is also to benefit from the Synohydro infrastructure package with a 22 kilometre dual carriageway from the Aburi road junction to Dodowa. That road has a particularly difficult section near the ‘Yoo Mart’. I am pleading that road users and residents be patient whilst the new road is delivered.

Altogether, the ongoing constructions are unprecedented in scope and reach for any particular time within Adentan Constituency. All I ask off residents of Adentan Constituency is patience whilst the hard working Minister for Roads and Highways, the Honourable Amoako Atta, supports us to deliver a credible road network in stages.

Furthermore, we are working hard on a comprehensive solution to the water distribution problem. As we are aware, there is bulk water supply available but secondary and tertiary distribution is a huge problem. Where I live, there is no water or tarred road so you can imagine how my neighbours feel.

I remain grateful for the continued support of Adentan Municipality and I believe together, we can change Adentan into the salubrious environment beneficial to the multi-cultural and professional mix of residents that we so ardently desire.

Thank you

Yaw Buaben Asamoa, Esq. (MP)

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