Abrantie The Gentleman Presents The GREY of GREATNESS(GoG) Collection.

Abrantie The Gentleman  presents its latest capsule collection “GoG” collection. The collection consists of How the old age(grey hair) has alot to offer the young no matter how current or modernized today's world is. From life experiences to style inspiration. 

The old has seen it all in life, noticed the shortcomings of today's young men, ready to advice the young ones with their life experiences and  style them up to GREATNESS 

"Gray Matter" Intellect "Gray power" Smart " "Gray hair" Brains .
GREY of GREATNESS(GoG) collection is a timeless and practical varying menswear lines from formal suits, traditional looks and every day casuals that communicates the strength and mystery of black. Different manly sophisticated grey fabrics with varying textures tailormade to fit today's 21st century function. 

I believe the geometry shape infused in designing and simplicity of each piece define how powerful an african man can command authority and respect with his real identity. – Oheneba Yaw Boamah, CEO of Abrantie.

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