Kumawood Doesn’t Pay Well – Roselyn Ngissah

Actress Roselyn Ngissah has revealed a lack of financial power of some Kumawood movie directors make it difficult to take roles some times because she’s not paid well enough.

Ngissah is one of the chameleons in the local movie scene who can comfortably fit into both industries, but she has revealed that it’s a challenge taking Kumawood roled due to fees.

Speaking to RTV Ghana, Ngissah said since acting is her profession, she doesn’t joke with her charging at all.

She also revealed that aside the money, sometimes scheduling conflicts can let her turn down a role.

“I’ve had lots of offers from Kumasi based producers but the cash involved had been a challenge. I don’t charge high and not low too but sometimes the timing to be on set doesn’t favour me.” she revealed.

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