Caleb Pappoe Set To Release New Film Series

Caleb Pappoe, a fast rising producer and director is set to release his latest production titled “Infatuations”.

According to the producer, the series which will hit the screens this December is full of “educative, exciting and intriguing content”.

Speaking on what inspired the story, he explained that “most young adults are confronted with series of problems ranging from fake social media life to family pressure”.

 "Atop all these issues sits the desire to find a loved one and be accepted among their peers. Young people find themselves going to the extremes to attain this supposed peak," he said.

Adding that, “At the same time, we will see how these young ones deal with the problems they face each day, gaining critical insight into their trials, successes, and how they eventually grow"

Caleb Pappoe further revealed that the story was set in an imaginary school and a locality - Infatuations also featured some known stars in the movie industry.

The series will be premiered on ‘Infatuations tv’ on YouTube.  

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