Dzifa Gomashie Takes On Bel-Aqua Mineral Water

Former Deputy Minister of Tourism, Culture, and Creative Arts, Hon. Dzifa Gomashie, has called on manufacturers of Bel-Aqua mineral water to improve on their packaging.

The no nonsense minister who is known for saying it as it is, feels that paper bag packaging, is better to the plastic bag packaging of new-sized Bel-Aqua on the market. To her, the package can make an unscrupulous one sell less to unsuspecting buyers.

Resorting to her official Facebook wall, she sent her ‘writ’ of concern across:

"Dear Bel-Aqua,

I like this small size bottle but please do something about the packaging. Can you use paper cartons?
1. Look carefully. is easy for people to pull out the bottles and sell less to unsuspecting buyers
2. We keep it biodegradable
3. I am so against plastic bags and this is a plastic bag

Let's keep the city clean! Let's go Ghana!"

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