“Don’t Be Superwomen, Superwomen Only Exist In Hollywood Movies” — Gifty Anti To Ghanaian Women

Ghanaian chief feminist, Gifty Anti has cautioned women not to live a life which can only be found in Hollywood movies — she is of the view that women should be themselves.

Gifty Anti speaking at a conference organised by the Israeli Embassy to empower women urged women to be open and ask for assistance when they need arises.

Touching on some women pretending to be some characters they are not, she said;

“Don’t be a superwoman, superwomen exist only in Hollywood movies, we are human beings, we have our shortfalls, we have our shortcomings, we fail sometimes, we make mistakes but what makes us who we are as women, as strong women as empowered women is that we pick ourselves up again and keep moving. We do not give up”.

Gifty Anti using her life and career, as an illustration, shared the struggles and negative things people said about her — but in all these, she never gave up but worked hard to prove her critics wrong.

She concluded that women should believe in themselves and struggle to reach the top no matter the challenges.

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