(PHOTOS) Wendy Shay Has Finally Changed Her “3 Months Old Wig”

RuffTown Record’s newly signed artiste, Wendy Shay has finally changed her “3 months old wig” after social media trolled her maintaining a smelling weave-on for months.

The trolling from all indications was a pain in the a$$ of Wendy Shay as well as a ‘blow’ to her brand — she couldn’t stand the bashings anymore than to change her “3 months old” wig and hairdo.

In photos posted on her Facebook page, she was seen with Abeiku Santana rocking in a new weave-on as well a new hairdo — at least the social media trolling has yielded positive results.

Abeiku Santana as usual of him did not let the opportunity waste, he was seen in one of the photos with his hand firmly on the a$$ of Wendy Shay.

Check out the photos below.

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