SWEET TWIN GOALS: Twin Sisters With Same Name Set To Marry Two Different Guys With Same Name On Same Day - PHOTOS

It is almost an impossible feat to get siblings to tie the knot on the same day due to a lot of reasons. However, some siblings have been able to pull off this big day by getting married on the same day and making their event memorable for the rest of their lives.

It comes naturally that twins would want to do everything together – especially if they are identical. Many say that identical twins always dream of living identical lives with only a few going off track to live different lives.

Some of the things they would want to share are the same clothes with same colors, attend the same school, sit in the same class to confuse teachers and do a lot of fun things together. 

However, when it comes to marriage, only a few twins are able to tie the knot on the same day. Yen.com.gh has sighted photos of identical twin sisters who are getting married on the same day but wait...that is not the catch.

The twin sisters who are both called Josephine, are getting married to two different guys who surprisingly also bear the same first names, Emmanuel but not twins - now that is the catch!

The photos of the wedding which has been hashtagged “#Twins Wedding” has gone viral on social media with many people drooling over the bond of the sisters. 

The photos showed the sisters beaming with smiles as they posed with their respective husbands-to-be. 

Come September 15, 2018, Josephine and Josephine would be getting married to Emmanuel and Emmanuel.

We Wish Them all the best.

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