VIDEO: Explain To The World Why You Are Breaking Up ─ Lydia Forson Mocks Sister Derby And Medikal

Medikal and Sister Derby have been in a relationship for a while and they have always been seen displaying their love on social media. Their love has gradually come to a halt all because of Fella Makafui’s big backside.

Although people weren’t too sure whether there is a break up between the two, Medikal has confirmed it in his latest song to Sister Derby that Fella Makafui is his new girl.

According to him Fella Makafui has big a$$ and cooks better than Derby.

Actress Lydia Forson has stated that Medikal and Derby involved the world in their love so it will be fair if they let the world know what is really causing the breakup.

She added that they can’t leave their fans to just watch things unfold without knowing the cause of their breakup. Many social media users have supported miss Lydia’s statement adding that they are waiting on Derby and Medikal to involve them in the breakup brouhaha.





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It’s OUR relationship.

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