'People Live A Fake Life . . . Don't Follow Us Blindly' - Yvonne Nelson Advices Youth On Social Media Flaunting

Social media has both negative and positive impact on people, and it depends on how one uses it to his/her benefit or otherwise.

Some celebrities portray a flamboyant lifestyle on their social media platforms, particularly Instagram, and whether they are the ones responsible for the glamorous lives or someone else is incurring the cost is mostly unknown to their followers.

Actress Yvonne Nelson is advising her followers and the youth to be careful about the kind of living they see about their idols on social media.

According to her, people live fake life and so everything is not all that glamor and gold as it seems on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Yvonne Nelson advised the youth on UTV's "ATUU" with host Abeiku Santana over the weekend.

"People live a fake life. People live a lie on social media. When you see us dressed in fancy ways, it might be that we are having a movie shoot. You may go like Yvonne Nelson is in a private jet . . .So, they shouldn’t follow us blindly like that," she said.

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