I'm a Model . . . Posing Nude Is Part Of My Job - Akuapem Polo Replies Mampong Chief

Ghanaian model, Rosemond Brown aka Akuapem Polo has responded to a stern warning by the Chief of Mampong Akuapem, Nana Yirenkyi I that she should drop her name.

Nana Yirenkyi I, the Apesemakahene of Mampong Akuapem, earlier this week, cautioned 'Akuapem Polo' to stop using the name "Akuapem" if she continues to live her wayward lifestyle.

According to him, Akuapem Polo is a disgrace to the land of Akuapem and doesn't want people to associate her character with Akuapem.

The Chief threatened to take legal action against her if she refuses to change the name because she doesn't paint a good image about Akuapem people.

In an interview with Kwame Adjetia on Neat FM's "Entertainment Ghana", Nana Yirenkyi I said "natives of Akuapem are known to be respectful and living decent lifestyles. They don't go nude, neither do they display any character that suggests they're indecent. So, if this lady is exhibiting a character that the people and I think is not in conformity with the character of Akuapem people, then we have every right to tell her to stop using the name. It gives us a bad image. I'm telling her to stop using the name or else we will take her to court to compel her to remove the name. There are laws in this country. This lady can't tarnish our image with this kind of lifestyle."

"If she likes, she should come to Akuapem and she will find out how unhappy the people are with her. They are all against her character and this is why we want her to stop using the name 'Akuapem'".

But in a sharp riposte, Akuapem Polo, who was also in the studios of Neat FM while the Chief made his submissions, asked him to specify a particular act of omission or commission she has committed to warrant his action.

She believed the Chief's request is borne out of pure hatred for her.

Akuapem Polo told the host that she is a model and therefore her profession demands that she poses semi-nude at times.

"Everybody knows I am a video vixen. I model in music videos. As a model, what do you expect? As a model, this is what I do. It's not like I post nude pictures on my Instagram. I don't do that but I decided to post the semi-nude picture (in question) on my Instagram on Valentine's Day. It wasn't anything to call for this anger from the Chief.

"When I donated to a school, he didn't come out to say anything. When I was doing good things, he said nothing but as I put up picture, he is giving me warnings and asking me to drop my name. I am a native of Akuapem. I come from there. I don't understand why he claims they don't know me. I don't know why he is saying I don't hail from Akuapem. The fact that you don't know me doesn't mean I don't come from Akuapem".

Akuapem Polo continued that she does modeling for a living and therefore cannot be said to bring the image of the Akuapem land into disrepute just because she is doing her job.

" I’m not a promiscuous lady. I don’t steal. I don’t stroll on streets beating people. What have I done? You want to send me to court for what reason? What have I, Rosemond, done?” she questioned.

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