Dee Aja Threatens ‘Naked Strike’ If John Mahama Does Not Come Back To Rule Ghana (Video)

For a few months last year this guy was the biggest deal in Ghana, as his song ‘Onaapo’ became a nationwide sensation. It looks like someone is starved of fame and wants his 15 minutes back. 

In a newly released video, Dee Aja begs John Mahama to come back and run the country.

He claims that Ghanaians are clamouring for the return of the same man we kicked out resoundingly only 11 months ago, and threatens to go on a ‘naked strike’ if his wish does not come true.

We don’t know what that means and Ghanaians definitely aren’t interested in finding out.

David Aja, also known as Dee Aja, was the face of the ‘Onaapo’ song, even though he did not compose it, Nacee did. His popularity was due to his starring role in the official video.

Watch video below…



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