Ayittey Powers Reveals Why He Can’t Marry At This Age

Popular Ghanaian boxer, Ayittey Powers born Michael Okine has stated that he will only get married when he is fifty-five years old.

According to him, the woman he’s dating now charges him whenever there is a quarrel and it makes him feel insecure for marriage as he finds it very strange.

Speaking to actress Yvonne Okoro, Ayittey Powers revealed that his woman will charge him even if he does something small and always threatens to leave him if he refuses to settle her.

“There is something that happens to me with the woman I’m dating. Something small then she will charge me and say if I don’t settle her she will leave. So I’ve decided that I will only get married when I’m fifty five years old,” he told Yvonne Okoro.

Ayittey is of the belief that if he gets married to her at that age, she will also be old by then and therefore will not threaten to leave him any time there is a problem between them.

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