Anas #Number12: GFA's Disgrace To Ghana Is "Outrageous"; "Massively Serious"

President and Board Chairman of Ghana Rugby, Herbert Mensah is saddened by the turn of events at the Ghana Football Association (GFA) and in the country's soccer following the fallout of the investigative video by Anas Aremeyaw Anas and his Tiger Eye PI.

The Rugby President, speaking to in an exclusive interview before news of the embattled GFA President's resignation went viral, described as an "outrageous disgrace", the conduct of some football officials with regard to the Anas' exposé.

Some of the officials were caught in the exposé receiving bribes to take injudicious decisions with the major bombshell being the former President of the GFA, Kwesi Nyantakyi who was also seen collecting $65000 bribe and using the names of the President and Vice President of the Republic to transact a shoddy business.

The government is since taking the necessary steps to dissolve the FA.

FIFA has also provisionally banned Kwesi Nyantakyi for 90 months and from all football activities at both national and international level (administrative, sports or any other).

Herbert Mensah is wondering why the GFA and Kwesi Nyantakyi failed to "step down", hence resulting in all these sanctions to be made against the football administration.

He explained their actions may potentially affect innocent people within the Association.

He further expressed disappointment in the FA, stressing their involvement in the bribery scandal is a "messy indictment" on the administration.

"The level of disgrace is become totally untenable. And anybody who thinks that the situation is not as serious as it is. It is massively serious which is now affected the total integrity of the GFA not only in Ghana but abroad. I would have hoped that, with the knowledge that we now have and we're getting by the day, Kwesi and those who are involved with Kwesi would have taken a position a while ago, resigned; stepped down to save the FA and to save some of their colleagues who are now tainted, where there are innocent people within the FA," he said.

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