Sports Is An Avenue For Creating Employment - AMA

Mohammed Adjei Sowah, Chief Executive Officer of Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) has said, sports is capable of creating employment for the youth and make them more useful in society.

He said Ghana was capable of changing her economic fortunes through sports as the nations abounds many sporting talents, who could rise to higher heights in future.

Speaking to the members of the True Hustlers Tug of War team at this office, when the winners of the first community Tug of War champions called on him at his office.

Mr. Adjei Sowah said, his outfit would support the lesser known sports to help the youth to get employed through sports.

According to Mr. Adjei Sowah sportsmen and women have characteristics like skill, team work, discipline and comradeship, which were needed in building a great nation.

He said, he was already in involved in swimming as the chairman of the Greater Accra Regional Association adding that, he was planning of staging a national swimming competition in Accra.

Mr. Adjei Sowah, urged the Ghana Tug of War Association to spread the sports to other places to make the youth in positive activities.

He commended the organisers, Dreamland Sports Plus for their vision, mission and organisational skills and the ability to to control the large crowd that attended the event dubbed ‘Who Rules Chorkor’ on Sunday, November 4.

He urged the Ghana Tug of War Association to spread the sports to other places and engage the youth in positive activities.

According to the Mayor, sports can create many jobs, and it is time government supports sportsmen and sports organisers.

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