Akrobeto’s Report On Shatta Wale’s Death Prophecies - Watch

Kumawood comic actor, Akrobeto has presented a hilarious version of news on Shatta Wale’s death prophecies on UTV’s ‘TheRealNews’.

Akrobeto who was dressed up like the former British Prime Minister, David Cameroun battled with the Queen’s language as if he was on the battlefield, his English was so funny to the extent that you could hear laughter from the cameramen in the studio.

Every part of the news was funny – from Shatta Wale’s live video threatening ‘fake’ prophets to burn down their churches to Shatta Wale’s mom embarking on a journey to the Volta Region to seek spiritual protection for her son.

The comic actor lambasted Ghanaian Prophets of Doom for causing fear and panic in the lives of celebrities. He pleaded with them to predict good fortunes because death will visit every living being.

Watch Akrobeto’s presentation below.

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