Groupe Nduom Management Meets To Take Stock

The top management personnel of Groupe Nduom will meet at the end of this week to take stock of first quarter 2016 results, challenges and opportunities.  The meeting will take place at the Coconut Grove Regency Hotel in Accra from Friday April 22ndand end Sunday April 24th2016.

Managers are expected to share with colleagues and directors how far they have prosecuted the Groupe’s agenda for the year. At its strategy meeting in Elmina early this year, the directors charged the over 50 companies to consider 2016 as a year of maximum sale of products and services.

Management members are expected to make presentations on how far their sales strategies have worked; state difficulties if any; and present the solutions to overcome any such challenges for the 2nd quarter and beyond.

After a challenging experience in the Ghanaian market last year, Groupe members are to ensure that they improve upon last year’s results. That target, the directors believe can only be achieved through a consistent sales strategy.

Notwithstanding the economic difficulties of 2015, Groupe Nduom is continuously investing and demonstrating its confidence in the Ghanaian economy.

The President and Chairman of the Groupe, Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom has reiterated the policy that all Groupe companies meet statutory obligations including SSNIT payments, payroll taxes, company tax, VAT and Tier 3 pension payments.  Groupe Nduom management will also be encouraged to file personal tax returns.

With government expected to meet challenges along the way in the implementation of IMF approved policies, Groupe Nduom directors anticipate tough projections for the year 2016. 

However, with the Groupe’s guiding principles of discipline, innovation, enthusiasm and loyalty, the directors believe there is hope about the Groupe’s ability to surmount every hurdle to post good results this year.

Groupe Nduom has business relationships in Liberia, Nigeria, Togo, the United Kingdom and the USA. 

Groupe Nduom brands have been in existence over the past 25 years. It operates community libraries, the Monica Yorke School, Elmina Sharks Football Club, the Nduom Foundation and supports many social programmes.

Richmond D. Keelson,


GN Corporate Affairs

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