Ecobank Staff Embark On Health Walk To Create Awareness About Non-Communicable Diseases

Ecobank Ghana has embarked on a walk in the principal streets of Accra on last Saturday, 9th November, 2019, as part of their three-year plan to create awareness about non-communicable diseases (NCDs) with special attention to their prevention and treatment to mark Ecobank Day celebration. 

Addressing the gathering before the start of the walk from Ecobank Head Office, the Managing Director of Ecobank Ghana, Mr. Daniel Sackey said that the walk is part of the fighting strategies against the non-communicable diseases to create awareness of some of the things that are done on daily basis to militate against good health.

"Today is a special day that we set aside and for those of you who will recall, exactly a month ago, we marked our Ecobank Day in 33 African Countries where simultaneously we held various activities, and the primary aim for us this year was fighting against the NCDs by increasing awareness and making sure that we are aware of some of the things that we do day to day basis that militate against good health,” he told the media.

He reminded the staff and other partners from Nima, a suburb of Accra that the walk they are embarking on is not meant for the outside public alone but rather for the Ecobank Staff who on a day-to-today basis sit down from morning till evening without time to exercise, even on weekends.

"It is important that we draw our attention to certain basic practices; if you cannot walk every day what else can you do? Within the confines of your office, can you take a few steps every few minutes, an hour just to stretch your legs and make sure that you are taking a few baby steps to improve your health?” he urged.

He again, drew the attention of the staff to good diet as it is the other side by which the workers can improve their health when the regular exercising becomes difficult for them to adhere to; reiterating that “if you can’t walk, at least do the other side by improving your diet, improve protein content and make sure that you can do the basic thing that will give you a good health.”

Mr. Daniel Sackey, however, charged his staff and others from different offices not to make the exercise a nine-day wonder but rather cultivate healthy walking patterns for 30 to 45 minutes on a weekly basis if not daily to stay healthy always.

"This is an opportune time for those of you who are linked to Ecobank to say that, we expect that by the end of this year, our gym in the building will be opened and I expect that it will not be a white elephant. If it becomes a white-elephant, then we still have to ask ourselves questions, but everybody has to own a step and I think the first step starts now," he stressed.

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