Ghanaians Advised To Use Cork Tiles To Safeguard Homes

The CEO of Corkpro Ghana, Ben Coffie Akubia has advised Ghanaians to use cork tiles for their homes and offices since it has lower risk to injuring people.

According to him, the water resistant as it very good for places that normally gets flooded easily during heavy rain down pour, its environmental friendly, fire resistant, easy to fix and remove without damages.

He further disclosed that is able to last up to 40 years and it is naturally resistant to mold, mildew and termites as well as anti-microbial.

About Corkpro Ghana

Corkpro Ghana is a privately owned and sole authorized distributor of wicanders products based in Accra.

They provide high quality design and installation services of the latest flooring products imported from Portugal including Hydrocork and dekwall.

Cork flooring has been around for centuries all over the world and Corkpro Ghana is bringing the cork flooring safe and luxurious experience to your doorstep.

Wicanders is the leading brand in cork technology with a legacy that goes back to 1868.

Wicanders combine the best technology with the inherent natural properties of cork for a flooring that is not only beautiful but also durable and healthy for you and our planet.

What Is Cork?

If you ever wondered how cork came into being, let us put you at ease. It is a 100% natural, organic material composed of the bark of the oak tree (Quercus suber).

Most of us are familiar with cork, as it’s used in all kinds of products, from wine corks to shoes, purses, bulletin boards, flooring and more.

Besides being an incredibly versatile material, cork is a natural and sustainable material. Cork is a biodegradable material, in addition it’s easily recyclable. It’s impermeable, elastic, and buoyant, so it can be used in a variety of applications. In addition, it’s naturally fire retard
Cork also makes great insulation for homes and it works well for sound proofing and thermal insulation. It’s also hypo allergic, making it a safer alternative to petrochemical based-insulation products.

Cork does not absorb water or liquids which is why it’s been used for centuries to float fishermen’s nets and as stoppers for wine bottles.

Cork Tiles

A cork tile is a product which is ground, processed into sheets and baked in a kiln to produce tiles that serve as flooring for offices, light commercial locations, and residences.

Cork flooring is a good insulator, naturally moisture resistant, it’s a good option when thinking about falling and impact. Cork tiles come is a variety of colors which aids in design and creative applications.

Cork tiles is very accommodating and installation over concrete, wooden subfloors and tile are easy to do.

No need to worry about home fires and safety of kids anymore.

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