CIMG Launches 31st Annual National Marketing Performance Awards

The Chartered Institute of Marketing, Ghana (CIMG) on Monday, October 12, 2020, launched the 2019 CIMG Annual National Marketing Performance Awards, making it the 31st annual national marketing performance awards.

The launch, which was for the first time, held virtually via Microsoft Teams due to the COVID-19 pandemic, attracted participation from the media, the marketing research community, academia, and membership of the CIMG.

In his welcome address, the National President of the CIMG, Dr. Daniel Kasser Tee, said the Institute has been organizing the awards for the past 30 years annually without a break during which corporate organizations and individuals have been recognized and decorated for outstanding performance.

He opined that the awards have over the period contributed in diverse ways in reshaping the marketing focus of individual and corporate participants; thus, such individuals and businesses become aware of the key metrics for marketing performance and they are usually guided by these in their planning and implementation processes.

He added that as a result, many industry leaders tend to refocus their organizations into becoming more marketing-oriented, as they continue to learn new things from the awards questionnaire and processes.

According to Dr. Kasser Tee, the “CIMG continues to invest time and other resources into ways that ensure continuous improvements in the categories, the processes, the systems, the approach, the selection methods, etc. with the overall aim of ensuring relevance and making participation very friendly to our individual and corporate customers”.

“To do this effectively, the Governing Council usually concerns itself with issues of strategic nature, while the awards planning committee works with our research partners to oversee the operational and tactical matters, including quality,” he added.

Dr. Kasser Tee also used the occasion to advise political parties, to refrain from using foul, offensive, and abusive language against their political opponents, as we enter the political campaign season.

“Politicians need to be reminded once again that businesses thrive in a peaceful and friendly environment. COVID-19 has caused enough damage to the business environment, leading to most organizations missing out on their annual projections. The least politicians can do, is to stop inflaming passions and building unnecessary tensions in the country, as businesses require peace to strategize and resuscitate their operations. It is in this regard that the CIMG renews its call for all political parties to exercise restraint in their communications messages and pronouncements. We need sanity to conduct peaceful and respected elections,” he advised.

He concluded by reminding political parties of the need to embrace Political Marketing to help promote their cause by engaging the services of Political Marketing Strategists and Political Marketing Communications Experts.

On her part, the CIMG Awards Planning and Selection Committee Chairperson who doubles as the Vice President of the Institute, Mrs. Agnes Essah, touted the unparalleled landmark achievements the CIMG awards scheme has achieved over the past 30 years of its existence.

She said that there is no doubt that the scheme has tremendously grown into what can aptly be described as the benchmark awards scheme in Ghana as a result of the successes achieved.

“The Institute has, therefore, resolved to keep the stakes as high and as relevant as possible so that the standards by which the CIMG assesses individual and corporate performances are not compromised. It is this level of commitment that has guided the Institute, as a responsive institution, to constantly introduce new and progressive ideas, all aimed at adding value to our processes as well as new award categories”, she stated.

According to her, the CIMG constantly reviews the awards selection procedures in order to make them relevant at all times; stressing that most of the business (corporate) awards categories have accordingly been renamed to reflect the customer-centeredness of those organizations.

The Integrated Marketing Communications category has also been renamed as Above-the-Line (Mass media channels such as Radio, TV, Outdoor, etc.), Below-the-Line (Sales promotions, Brand activations, etc.), and New Media Campaigns (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.).

To Mrs. Essah, the selection goes through a vigorous process that involves research partners and various umbrella professional organizations as well as a panel of independent assessors.

The awards, she said, cover 6 major competitive areas:

Hall of Fame,
Media/Marketing Communications Organisations,
Business organizations,
Products, and
Not-for-Profit organizations

The non-competitive is the CIMG President’s Special awards which are given to a noticeable female and male achiever in any endeavor of life that contributes to national progress.

Mrs. Essah indicated that the judges and assessors for this year’s event will invest time and effort to ensure these awards represent Ghana’s best and finest.  The criteria for selecting the winners and benchmarking their performance will include;

Marketing Metrics
Marketing Innovation
Technological Innovation
Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning (STP)
Social Impact
Contribution to National Development
Public Image
Success in the Market Place
Market Share
Customer Service Orientation
Ecological and Ethical Issues
Competition Benchmarking

Mrs. Essah noted that some happenings in the awards space in the recent past have caused the institute to worry and therefore are calling for sanity in the awards space.

“As awards organizers, our patrons require us to show them some professionalism, independence, credibility, sound judgment, and we cannot afford to disappoint them. CIMG would like to assure all of you that we shall continue to explore ways of improving standards for the much-celebrated CIMG awards in the years ahead”, she stated.

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