Ghana Will Not Burn

Ghana will not witness the kind of strife the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and her assigns are wishing for her.

The sabre-rattling, although mere hot air, is getting deafening. The NDC is either doing this directly through threats or engaging one of their willing assigns from one of the smaller parties.

With a Maduro-type beret sitting on his head, he dares Ghanaians with a threat of strife should the Electoral Commission (EC) go ahead with the compilation of a new voters’ register.

Available information indicates that he exercise would commence in June. Let them dare the authority of the state and, of course, the appropriate law would be applied.

Mentioning names of persons who spew garbage during their political discourses glorifies them somewhat. It is for this reason that such imbeciles would have their identities muffled in this commentary.

Last week this buffoon, who claims to lead a political party, spoke so foolishly that we were stunned that an educated person could stoop so low as to wish his motherland such havoc.

Anybody under the local circumstances threatened carnage just because of the compilation of a new voters’ register passes for a nincompoop and unworthy of being associated with the leadership of a political grouping. This scandalous and should not be tolerated in any comity of civil minded persons.

Ironically, this man hardly champions the cause of his own party and would rather toe the line of the largest opposition party just because that is where his bread is buttered.

Ghana is larger and more important than the parochial interests of a disgruntled flagbearer whose moneybag is the attraction for those who get carried away in their public discourses as to talk before thinking about the repercussions of what they spew.

For those who continue to thread on the trajectory of sword-drawing let them understand that the awesome powers of the state can always descend upon them for being reckless. As for the capacity to carry through their threats we can bet our last cedi that they lack that and would take to their heels upon hearing a shot from a toy gun. Empty brinksmanship cannot work here, its value being in entertainment.

Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo was duly elected by the people of Ghana and so he is running the country in accordance with the Constitution.

When the registration exercise commences in June, the people of this country would turn up orderly to discharge their civil responsibilities.

Ghanaians love their country and would shun any call on them to change their nature just because a disgruntled politician says so.

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