Withdraw Frivolous Invitation To Chairman Ampofo Or Risk Our Wrath - Young Cadres

It has become evidently clear to us that President Akufo-Addo in a bid to divert attention from the abysmal performance of his government and the suffering of the Ghanaian people has resorted to using the security services to harass and intimidate members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

The latest invitation to Honourable Ofosu Ampofo, the Chairman of the NDC, to answer questions in relation to the kidnappings and recent arson attacks is an insult to the leadership and members of the NDC.

In as much as we believe in the rule of law, having been the party that birthed democracy in Ghana, we will want to sound a note of caution to Akufo-Addo and his lousy and corrupt Maame Tiwaa Addo-Danquah that we will not sit by unconcerned whilst the future of this country is toyed with. 

If Akufo Addo and his operatives engaged in arson attacks including the burning of the Foreign Affairs Ministry in the past, the NDC is not so unreasonable and unpatriotic to engage in such useless acts. We know who the real nation wreckers are; we know who imported mercenaries into this country to “attack the foundations of power”; we know who declared war on Gas and Ewes; and we know who, in his inordinate desire to become president, declared “All Die Be Die’!

Is it not amazing and mind-boggling that this same corrupt Tiwaa Addo who organized a press conference to tell the whole world that she knew of the whereabouts of the three kidnapped Takoradi girls now turns around to concoct a frivolous intelligence just to draw the National Chairman of the NDC into her evil scheme? If she is doing this to please the corrupt and clueless Akufo Addo in order to be given the soon-to-be vacant IGP positon, then she is joking. The NDC will not be cowed into submission!

We, the members of the Young Cadres Association (YCA) of the NDC, are disgusted by the actions of the clearly partisan Tiwaa Addo and we will want to tell Akufo Addo and his CID boss that we stand ready to defend, with our blood, every executive of the NDC.  

We are by this release calling on the CID boss to as a matter of urgency withdraw that repulsive invitation to Chairman Ampofo. If our call is not heeded and the CID attempts to arrest him, we can assure Akufo Addo that he will not have it easy!

What Akufo Addo and his clueless and super-incompetent bootlicking CID boss fail to realize is that, a party borne out of a revolution cannot be tamed with threats and intimidations. We will make the country ungovernable if they so desire and let no one blame us if this happens. The sycophantic clergy and Civil Society groups that have suddenly gone quiet because their darling Akufo Addo is in power must know that being the conscience of the nation; they will be blamed if they sit by for Akufo Addo to plunge this country into chaos.  


Long Live Ghana

Long Live the NDC

Long Live YCA



1. Bright Botchway

General Secretary (YCA)



2. Mark Takyi Banson

Deputy PRO (YCA)


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