A Letter To Franklin Cudjoe On The NCA/Radio Gold Impasse.

Dear Franklin Cudjoe,
You have described the clampdown on the radio stations which have been operating without authorizations by the NCA as childish and politically motivated!

Such a puerile description could only come from a whippersnapper whose knowledge on the regulations of the NCA falls below average.

You sanctimoniously lambasted the NCA for shutting down Radio Gold and Radio XYZ and deemed that as not only unhealthy but very wrong as well. You couldn't fathom why even some police officers were sent along when the exercise was being executed.

Your stance on this matter is pietistic at best and I will tell you why. Not long ago, you and your cohorts were making ear-splitting noises on the airwaves about KelniGVG. You claimed that due processes were not followed and that the right things ought to have been done. You wanted the laws to be strictly followed.

As an advocate of Barrack Obama's admonition to Ghanaians to strive to build strong institutions instead of strong men, you and your henchmen went after Ursula Owusu and her ministry, claiming that there was little transparency in the contract signed by the ministry. Even after you were schooled on the fine details of the contract, you still went about shouting for the right things to be done.

Just yesterday, you referenced a story on Adomonline which is about Helena Huang, the beleaguered Chinese lady recently apprehended for dealing in rosewoods. In your commentaries, you accused the police of sleeping on the job and urged them to right the wrongs.

For someone who has been preaching for years for our institutions to work, it is mind-boggling that in the case of the NCA adhering to the dictates of their regulations, you are on air describing their action as unwise, childish and political.

You were opposed to the regulators going to the radio stations with police officers? So they should have gone with children, right? Did the police harass anybody there? In any case, are they not people charged with the enforcement of our laws?

I have always maintained that you have one main flaw and that is, you are always hasty in your judgements and conclusions. If you had taken the trouble to read the press statement of the NCA, you would have been furnished with a chronology of events leading to the present situation.

Franklin, you are being lawless and you have a unique way of even preaching it. When your beloved NDC is in the line of fire, you go to ludicrous limits to defend them. Let the tables turn and you would chastise the NPP for the same sin committed by the NDC.

In all honesty, you are hypocrisy personified. Your beloved party's Radio Gold and Radio XYZ have received their just deserts and that constitutes wrongdoing on the part of the NCA!

A piece of advice to you, speech may be silvern sometimes, but be informed that silence, very much often, is golden. You cannot be a cistern of knowledge on all subjects, and this, in my view, has always been your bane.

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