Nana Kwame Ofori Writes: NPP, Don’t Sacrifice The Chicken That Lays The Golden Egg For Christmas Soup:Fix Dunkwa-Offin To Obuasi Road

Few weeks ago when Ex-President Mahama accused President Akufo Addo of  hijacking and for absurd concentration of the Apedwa-Kyebi roads, I responded on Alfred Ogbameys wall that “it is only a fool who will not rebuild his father’s tattered house after becoming successful in life.” I advanced my argument that the very motive that inspired Mahama to award many contracts to his brother Ibrahim is the same spur that informed Kufour to appoint his brother as a defence minister.

It is the same reason that formed the appointment of Dr Cadman Mill as a presidential advisor and Ken Ofori Atta as the Finance minister. One can argue on the qualification perspective, but the point is there were and are equally qualified Ghanaians of their kind yet they became the palpable choice. I am basically drumming home the Akan adage that says “s3 wonsa da mu a y3 ndi gyawo”.To wit; if your hand is in the dish, you will definitely not be left out. It is fundamental human mechanism that when any person is presented with an opportunity he or she will consider his immediate family and associates first.

Even God almighty, the creator of mankind when faced with the decision of seeking someone to redeem the people on earth he chose his closest associate and only son Jesus the Christ when angel Gabriel and the rest were available. In furtherance, God the father for all appreciates and rewards loyalty and will always provide for his devoted children in the expense of the others. Deuteronomy 28: 11 states that “If you obey the Lord, your God and carefully follows all his command the lord your God will set you high above all nations. Isaiah 49:10 further states that" They will not hunger or thirst, nor will the scorching heat or sun strike them down; For He who has compassion on them will lead them and will guide them to springs of water.  My inference to God above is to make a point in relation to the reasons why politicians continue to abandon and overlook the development of their strong holds.

Forget the equitable distribution of the national cake and let’s speak candidly. Strong holds matters! Even in the United States of America, the world’s number one democratic country strong holds states enjoys federal support and other presidential cocktails than the antagonist. In every election across the world losing ground at your strong hold is an indication of doom to your victory. In 2008 the NPP lost the elections essentially due to apathy exhibited at its strong holds. The Kufour government had generally performed well hitherto they have neglected the people of Ashanti region, Central and Brong, the government could not satisfactorily complete the two major projects (Kumasi to Accra road and Sofo line interchange) they initiated at the president’s own backyard.

Whiles Kumasi to Accra Road was begging for common coal tar Kufour was busily building Tema to Aflao roads. During the election many voters decided to restrict the thumbs in their pockets. Despite the continuous appeal by the highest hierarchy of the party the people declined to come out to vote during the second round. Again, Regardless of ex- President Mahama’s continuous effort to scapegoat his colossal lost on other factors, deep down his heart he knows and the Dr. Kwesi Botchway report clearly stated that apathy emanating from Volta and some part of the Northern region remains a cause to his defeat. The Mahama administration vividly neglected the Volta Region for the Ashanti region, and the outcome represents the history we are witnessing today that the onetime occupant of the Jubilee house has become the leading opposition figure.

The NPP can proud itself of FSHS, Planting for Food, proper management of the economy et al but the reality still remains that the people who vote for them in every election are like their disciple and they expects to be rewarded with developments in their localities. The people of Upper Denkyira are ardent supporters of the Danquah-Busia tradition and have devoted their votes to the party since the beginning of the fourth republic. Despite their contributions to the party’s victory, it appears the NDC can be credited with development in the area than the NPP. The major town roads were first constructed by Hon. Addae Gyamena former DCE during Rawlings era, the second major road uplift was again initiated and completed by the immediate past MCE. The people of Dunkwa and its environs are predominantly galamseyers, farmers and traders, meanwhile illegal galamsey is dead and buried by the strenuous effort of the NPP in fighting illegal mining what they have left is trading, unfortunately, the major road that leads to the main market centres (Kumasi &Accra) has been abandoned for over 16 years.

In a practical sense, it is even inappropriate to consider it a road because that 23km stretch from Dunkwa to Obuasi junction lacks all the primary criteria that define a road. It is so bad that it does not even fit the description of a village feeder road. It is a disgrace to see a major road that links the western region of Ghana to the second capital (Kumasi) in such a dissipated stage. The road is filthy, an eyesore and it simply does not befit humans. It is as if that portion of Ghana is still living in the Stone Age and to think that we have 6 Denkyirans representing at the senior level of government coupled with a senior Member of Parliament who happens to be a member of the governing party burst forth my entire cardio system. The Adansi Obuasi ownership of the road excuse that has been bundled around by the MP is so despicable. Are the MPs and MCEs at Adansi Obuasi from Ouagadougou? How about collective interest and lobbying skills? For goodness sake we have witnessed young MPs even from opposition camp successfully lobbying for projects in their constituencies.

The road is simply bad, and it is a danger to lives and properties, I have received my fair share of the hazard of the stretch on 15th October 2008 I virtually lost my life when a 207 Benz bus that was trying to maneuver itself around a borehole in his path drove into my car. Even way back in 2008, I remember vividly that users of saloon cars at some point will have descend from the car, survey the appropriate area to pass before continuing the journey. Fast forward to 2019 eleven (11) years down the line, it is what it is and worst.

I agree, 2 years or even 4 years is extremely short for the government to solve all the numerous problems but we derive consolation from this wise saying “akoko a  )ben oni na owe abeb3 sr3”. Looking at the current nature of the road and the allegiance of the people to the ruling party, it is important that the government prioritize this road and replace the contractor awarded with the cocoa roads by the previous government. The representatives of the government may not be reporting the truth to the upper echelon, but the noticeable fact is that the fight against illegal galamsey has already infuriated a lot of the residence of Denkyira and its environs who depended on it as a vital source of income. This particular bad road has offered an easy alternative to apportion their frustrations; it has become a major source of reference from the naysayers of government to berate the people for their continuous support to the ruling government. The trust is fading, apathy is soaring up the graph and the consequences are obvious. I will sum it up with my best phrase don’t sacrifice the chicken that lays the golden egg for Christmas soup. Please fix the Dunkwa-Obuasi Road.

Genki Africa.

Nana Kwame Ofori

Policy Consultant.

[email protected]

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