An Open Letter To COP. Maame Tiwaa Addo-Danquah

Permit me, Madam, to address this letter to you.

Last night, our nation was thrown into further anguish when news broke that the Police had found human parts behind the house of the main and cruel antagonist in the tale of the Taadi kidnappings.

Since the news broke many Ghanaians, like me, have come to the conclusion, that the news represents the last few pages in this truly horrific saga.

Others, the more positive among us, still insist on giving your office the benefit of time and have urged calm while you confirm, or otherwise, who those humans parts belong to.

Regardless, Madam COP, the find and the location of the find, close to a year after the young women went missing, undermines any claim you can make that your office conducted, or are conducting, a diligent investigation into the affair.

Because the foot of such bogus claims stamps the very life out of reason; it is untenable and cannot be supported by the discovery of yesterday.

Indeed, if a diligent investigation had been conducted by your office then it would not be supportable by logic, thought or reasoning that until yesterday, or thereabout, your office did not know that the accused had rented that property when he moved to Ghana.

Neither, Madam COP, can it be supported by logic, thought or reasoning that your officers did not move to search that premise or when they did, search reasonable ground about the property: It would scandalize intelligence if your office claims they did this and yet did not find the human parts-it would offend truth if they claim they did know this property existed at all-.

Madam COP, Ms, the discoveries of yesterday makes your continuous decision to head the Criminal Investigations Department of the Ghana Police Service unethical, immoral and self-seeking.

While you bear a legal right to that office, you would admit that your own conduct in recent times has undermined the trust and confidence the Ghanaian people should have in that office and has reduced it, and the occupants, to a daily unfair partisan scrutiny.

You would admit, Madam COP, Ms, that when police investigators do not have the confidence of the public they serve; crime thrives and investigations are hampered by a lack of cooperation and an absence of trust in the system.

It cannot, therefore, with the greatest of respect, be a rational course of action to hold on to the office you currently occupy.

You are tasked by the command of the State with the role of heading the crucial department of investigating and uncovering perpetrators of crime, yet it is your own conduct and presence as Head of that department that is festering a disgusting boil of impunity and hampering the successful completion of investigations.

Your record as a Police Officer and rapid rise through the ranks under every leader since the inception of the fourth Republic bears testimony to your general quality as a Police Officer. But you have failed as head of the CID, failed to lift us up with you, failed to obtain our support, respect and cooperation and failed in this test case involving the kidnappings.

I, therefore, would suggest to you that you resign from that office and submit yourself to the Inspector General of Police to be sent to a department where you can best serve the interest of the State.

Resign Madam, pray, resign!

Your fellow citizen,

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