So Did You Know The Story Behind The Popular Akyem Kotoku State? The Journey Of The Kotokus

Akyem Kotoku has been in existence since 1500 AD. Frm their settlement in Adanse. believed to be de first seat of de Akan nation, dey moved to settle at Twifo in an area called Ntoasem widn de Senyase Division of the Denkyira Kingdom under the leadership of Nana Yaw Awere, believed to the first of Kotoku since there appears to be very little or no reliable information about Yaw Awere predecessore. The ruling dynasty was and still is the Agona Clan comprising Denkyira ,Kotoku and Bodweseago believed to be blood relations.

Akyem Abuakwa's were the first to settle at Akyem enclave before the Kotokus and Bosomes migrated from Adanse Akorokere and Adanse kokobiente to their current location.

Abuakwa's are mainly from the Asona family and Kotoku's are also from the Agoma family the descendants of Odeifour Boamponsam 1730 and the Abotakyi accord was sigh 1730.

The Akyems aided us to defeat the Akuamus around 1730 and the Abotakyi accord was sighed in 1733 which divided Akuapem into five divisions and Ofori Kuma the wofase of the then Okyenhene was made the overload of Akuapem.

The Lartey which u were referring to wasn't to banish the akyems but to create other paramountcies in addition to the Akuapem traditional Council which is the only paramountcy at Akuapem.

The Denkyire empire had three main province ruled by three (3) brother.

# Bansohene Stool or Abankeseesohene/ Present Denkyirehene- 1st born.

#Sanyaasehene Stool/ Present Kotokus 2rd born.

#Bodweseanwo Stool / the 3rd Son Agonamensah" remained under As anti Rule after collapse of the empire.

The Kotokus are descendants of Senyaase Denkyira second largest province of Denkyira Empire)> moved to Ahuren near Ofinso, now Abooso, to Mmerayem near Bosomtwe> to Bomfa near Ejusu > moved to establish of Asante Akyem with its stool capital (KOTOKU ADUKOW) ruins presently Asante Akyem ( Hwidiem) to Damping to Old Oda between prasokuma and Afosu to Gyadam & Apapam to Nubiaem to Nsuaem with stool capital present established around 1860.


Nana Yarewere - Senyaasehene Denkyira - Frimpong Manso Lineage

Nana Boadi Nanim - Senyaasehene Denkyira - Frimpong Manso Lineage

Nana Akrofi Bempong - Senyaasehene Denkyira - Frimpong Manso Lineage

Nana Aseidu Apanteng - Senyaasehene Denkyira - Frimpong Manso

Nana Fosuhene Apanteng - Frimpong Manso . Took Kotokus through Ahuren to Mmerayem to Bomfa . close friends of Ejusuhene Nana Kuutuukununku ( Abuakwa lineage). Whose advice led the Kotokus to discover and establish statehood on the land presently Asanti Akyem.

Nana Frimpong Manso I, ( KOTOBRE) born at Kotoku Adukow ( presently Asanti Akim Hwidiem.

" Manso " Meaning " occupant of large empire / Land " At the peak of the Kotoku empire, after the defeat of Ansah Sasraku, he ruled from Asante Akyem to Nsawam-adoagyiri.

Sisters ( Asieduaa, Asantewaa, Afia, Ohenewaa, Adoma, Gyamadua .
The present Omanahene FrimpongManso IV is descendent of Ohenewaa Adwoa , who returned bto Hwidiem for a child delivery during the family's exodus. The area where she was found to be pregnant is, up till today. Called ONYEMSO" Meaning she's pregnant)a village that borders between Agogo and Kwahu.

#Left the land of Hwidiem to the care of his Son Nana Antwi Apesewa ( Bretuo) Nana Anaafi Kokooto now chief.

#Left the land Domeabra to daughter Nana Nimaakoaa ( Bretuo ). Nana Afoakwah Frimpong Manso now Chief.

1.Nana Ampin - Frimpong Manso Lineage

2.Nana Gyamdu - Frimpong Manso Lineage

3.Nana Karikari Apau - Frimpong Manso Lineage

4.Nana Opoku - Frimpong Manso Lineage

5.Nana Kwadwo Kuma - Frimpong Manso Lineage

6.Nana Afrifa Akwadaa - Frimpong Manso Lineage who with the help of himself sister Obaapanin Dokuaa of Abuakwa, negotiated the purchase of the Land presently Akyem Oda from ( Akyem Wenchihene).

1.Nana Agyemang Nkanto - ( Appointed Reagent) ,and later occupant of the stool - Attafua - Lineage

2.Nana Nana Kwabena Afua - Frimpong Manso Lineage

3.Nana Yaww Atta alias Attafua I - Attafua Lineage

4.Nana Nyankomago alias Attafua II - Attafua Lineage

5. Nana Kofi Agyeman Alias Attafua III- Attafua Lineage

6.Nana Frimpong Manso II - Frimpong Manso Lineage

7.Nana Frimpong Manso III - Frimpong Manso Lineage

8.Nana Attafua IV - Attafua Lineage

9.Oseadeeyo Dr. Frimpong Manso IV - Frimpong Manso Lineage.

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