In The Matter Of National Security Threat Posed By Some Malian /Yemeni Nawaar/Gypsies Illegally Residing In Ghana


We write as lawyers for and on behalf of the Zein, Alsalami and Yousef families hereinafter referred to us “Our Clients” all resident in West Legon, Accra, Ghana, and upon their lawful instructions.

Our Clients inform us that sometime in December 2017, their fourteen-year-old daughter was allegedly defiled by one Mohammed Ould Ibrahim (Mahmudu Omar), who will be referred to hereinafter as Omar. He goes by several names and holds several passports of different countries. However, he is a Yemeni/Malian national resident somewhere in Spintex/Tema community 18, Accra – Ghana/Bamako/Lomé

Abidjan/ Niamey/ Cotonou and Ouagadougou.

Our client instructs us that the defilement of their daughter did not only mare his reputation as a grandfather but also has caused his granddaughter a great deal of psychological trauma who sometimes attempts suicide. He was dragged to court upon the commission of this crime to be tried. Instead of feeling remorse for causing his granddaughter an unmentionable psychological trauma, he causes further fear and panic to the girl and her parents by threatening them with self-taken videos to wipe them out if they do not discontinue the case. This has resulted in the family feeling insecure and helpless.

 We have the instructions of our Clients to make available to the public all the necessary evidence, to wit, video clips, voice messages, pictures and documents, evidencing all the allegations of crime we level on Omar. We have already made some of these pieces of evidence available to the Ghanaian authorities, in particular, the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI), the Ghana Police Service (Inspector General of Police and the Director General of the Criminal Investigations Department) and the Minister of Information, the Ministers in charge of Interior and National Security, amongst several other high ranking government offices.

Our Clients instruct us to take this decisive step of publishing this piece due largely to the fact that the none application of the laws of this country to fight crime would result in the state of anarchy and the abused of their fundamental and constitutional right. We do appreciate and recognize that the matters leading to this publication are already out there in the public domain, however it is mostly in a reactionary manner, and as a result does not give a full account of the entire event leading to such reactionary responses. The object of this dossier is therefore to bring the full story to the public in order for some amount of pressure to be mounted on the government to act, and act for the national interest.


During the late hours of 17th December 2017, around midnight, the parents and a young lady (Anoud Jibril Yousef Al Salami), who was at the time thirteen (13) years old approached our Client (Hassan Zein) at his residence at West Legon to complain and seek help for their daughter who had been allegedly defiled by Omar. Their case was simply that a family member had defiled their daughter. Indeed, the physical appearance of the young girl and the parents were enough to tell anyone that something disastrous had happened. The defiled lady did not only look dishevelled, but she was also drenched in what appeared to be blood, sweat and tears. She was completely traumatized. The parents were full of tears and sorrow, as any parent would feel.

Following the alleged defilement of their daughter, the family sought help from several persons, to ensure that the suspect is dealt with in accordance with the laws of Ghana, but sadly, not all their efforts yielded the appropriate results, until they were directed to our Client (Hassan Zein), a Ghanaian business executive resident in West Legon, Accra.

Through the hard work and efforts of our Client (Hassan Zein), the suspect was arrested by the Madina police, but was released almost immediately afterwards. He absconded from the jurisdiction, when he realized that his attempt to get the National Chief Imam, His Imminence Dr Sheikh Nuhu Sharubutu, to intervene and resolve the crime failed. It is instructive to point out that at a meeting convened by the Chief Imam, the suspect, Omar, admitted to the offense, and apologised profusely on his knees and promised never to repeat that conduct and adequately compensate the victim and the family for the error in his judgment.

We are informed by our Clients that sometime in October 2018, they got information about the return of Omar into the country and swiftly got their lawyers to petition (on the 4th day of November 2018) the Director of Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Police Headquarters, to take over the investigation and prosecution of the matter in accordance with law, since the Madina Police had not demonstrated good conduct in the way and manner they handled the matter.

After the petition of 4th November 2018, Omar was invited and charged with the offence of defilement and the family was assured of a court date within the week. However, that day was not to be. The family however did not give up as they continued visiting and or calling on the investigators for the court date.

Meanwhile, the defiled young lady, is still in a psychiatric hospital receiving treatment (annexed is a copy of a letter from a public hospital in Yemen dated the 29th September 2018), whilst her family in Ghana are constantly under attack from her assailant and his family. The security agencies in Ghana are not living up to their constitutional mandate to protect them from harm, even though they are very much informed about these events. It is instructive to note that, despite several efforts from our clients to get the police to act on the matter to enable sanity to prevail, all efforts have proved futile.

Our clients further inform us that the said Omar and his family keep bragging that they have some senior police officers as well as politicians of this land behind them. Hence the inability of the police to prosecute the matter.


Unfortunately, since Omar returned to the jurisdiction, he came along with thugs and dangerous ammunitions, and uses same to threaten our Clients simply for their pivotal role in ensuring that the case against him is prosecuted. We are informed that, since our Client (Hassan Zein) stepped into the matter to help with the arrest and possible prosecution of Omar, our Clients have been under continuous attacks on virtually daily basis, in different forms and shapes.

Our Clients inform us that the nature of the threats come in several dangerous forms, but the most common of it, is the shooting and sometimes clocking of guns in an obviously threatening manner directed at our Clients. And sometimes too, Omar and his family will take video shots of themselves holding weapons and making threatening comments and gestures as to how they would be eliminating our client within a particular time frame. They would then send this video clips to our client and their family members and upload some onto social media. Some of the attacks and threats also took the form of character assassination, defamation and threatening criminal conduct without any legal basis.

In addition to the threats of death, Omar and his cohorts have commenced a dangerous but systematic campaign to destroy the hard-earned reputation of our client, simply for the role he continues to play in ensuring that justice is exacted for the unlawful conduct of Omar. This campaign has been done mainly through the social media (to wit, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and YouTube, amongst others) until recently when sections of the mainstream media were adopted to propagate the defamation and character assassination of our Client.

In November 2018, the Director of Operations, Ghana Police Service, invited all the parties to a conference to attempt settlement of the issues. Even though not all the parties demonstrated their willingness to settle, Omar’s family and friends, attacked our Clients and destroyed their cars, right in the presence of police dignitaries and at the Police Headquarters, but nothing has happened to them. The big question here is, if our national police headquarters cannot and have not been able to deal with these offenders, then what will the ordinary district /division/regional police stations do? That attack amongst other misconducts, have contributed to the rising tension between the parties, in addition to the compromised attitude of a section of the police administration. It therefore came as no surprise when Omar and his thugs came shooting at our Clients on the eve of the Christmas of 2018, yet it was the victim and her family who were targeted and treated as culprits by the Homicide Unit of the Ghana Police Service.


The nefarious activities of Omar and his cohorts have been reported several times to the Police (depending on which department or unit has jurisdiction) yet very little has been done to stem the tide of these obvious acts of criminalities. We cannot state with emphasis that little appears to have been done to investigate and or prosecute the criminal conduct of these illegal immigrants.

Their modus operandi as we have come to accept is the use of high profile names to threaten the police and our Clients. The most prominent of these names are the names of the President (or sometimes the Office of the President), the names of the Vice President of Ghana, the Minister of Interior, the President of Mali and top government officials amongst several others. Some of the officials who either follow them around and or intervene each time some of them are arrested have already been indicated supra. The use of these names and offices have paved way for them to continue their unlawful activities of threatening to kill our Clients, attempts to kill them, avoiding investigation and prosecution, despite the plethora of evidence available and given to the police, in the forms of video, audio, and documentary.

Unsurprisingly, in the early hours of Sunday the 22nd day of December, 2018, at around One O’clock a.m., my Clients were attacked by armed thugs who visited residents of Dawood Yousef and his family and shot at them several times, but for some reason, the entire family escaped unscathed. This shooting attack was orchestrated in a well-organized manner, due largely to the fact that other members of the family who were not home (Bilal Alsalami, the brother of the defiled young girl, was driving home at the time), were also simultaneously attacked at their various locations, but also survived. Even though our Clients reported the incidents to the Kwabenya and West Legon Police Stations soon after the thugs had left, no arrests have been made.


Our Clients inform us that they were rather invited by the Homicide Unit of the Police Headquarters to answer charges on unlawful destruction of property belonging to their assailants. The Police Headquarters swiftly called for the docket ostensibly to continue with the investigation into the attempted murder on Bilal Alsalami and Dawood Youssef. They took delivery of all the exhibits, bullets shells, the Kia Soul, at the time being used by Bilal (which was riddled with bullets), among other vital exhibits to aid in the investigations. To our disappointment, that was the end of the matter of the attempted murder, no arrest, and investigation and or prosecution has ever taken place after more than four months. Instead, the victims of the attempted murder were arrested at around twelve o’clock midnight by about eight (8) armed police officers sent from the Homicide Unit for their involvement in an alleged unlawful destruction of the vehicle that was trailing Bilal during the shooting incident that nearly cost him his life.


This conduct of the Police Administration, specifically the Deputy Director General, Criminal Investigation Department, and the Commander of the Anti-Land Guards Unit (and their leader on Atuluk), who have constantly been mentioned as the persons orchestrating and doing the bidding of the persons behind Omar and his group of thugs, have not just been worrying, but also confirms the widely held view and allegations that the persons being mentioned are indeed behind or in support of their conduct.


The conduct of Omar and his cohorts are so barbarous that persons at the Spintex Division of the Ghana Police are helpless in containing their dangerous activities, which include among other things, indiscriminate shooting in the middle of the road, burning of brand new cars in the road, illegal importation of firearms and luxurious vehicles from Libya through Niger and Mali. However, all attempts to get them arrested is hindered either through the intervention of alleged persons in government and or superior officers of the Police Service, thereby frustrating efforts to bring them to justice.


Our client (Hassan Zein) after going through the entire aforementioned bitter situation was recently attacked at his residence, by the family of Omar wielding dangerous ammunitions, but for the timely intervention of his security guards, he and his entire family may have been wiped out. The matter has again been reported to the national police headquarters and still nothing seems to have been done about it. A petition to this effect was addressed to the Director General of Criminal Investigation Department (CID). Even though she directed the Anti-Armed Robbery Unit to handle this incident, the attitude of the Unit towards such a life-threatening matter is not encouraging at all, thereby deepening and or confirming the information about the interference of ‘big men’ in the matter, alleged or otherwise.





Mohammed Ould Ibrahim (Omar) operates a syndicate that is involved in cyber fraud, currency printing (mostly United States Dollars) gold scam, advance payment scam, visa fraud and passport racketeering amongst several other crimes that he and his syndicate are alleged to be involved in. To this end, they manufacture and or provide fake passports of Ghana, Mali, Niger, Benin, Ivory Coast and Togo, as well as other countries to their desired clients (who are mostly persons of African, European, Asian or Arabian origin and or other criminals). Thus, it is not out of place to mention that Mohammed Ould Ibrahim (Omar) and his cabal run between Ghana, Togo, Ivory Coast, Niger, Burkina Faso as they embark on their vicious plans in duping numerous nationals from these countries.


In addition, as part of the cyber fraud, gold scamming business and fake dollar and advance payment scam, they have succeeded in defrauding thousands of people from across the globe. Some of the victims have expressed their desire to appear before any investigative agency to assist in investigation to enable the authorities apprehend the perpetrators of these heinous crimes on them. Indeed, his Beninoir accomplices led by Kikissagbe Godonou Bernard alias KGB are currently serving the needed terms having been convicted in the Republic of Benin. Omar has since been on the run and his victims travelling all over the sub-continent of West Africa searching for him, and it is that which led him to Ghana where all these revelations were made to us.


Few months before the defilement case was reported, Omar had been introduced to our Client (Hassan Zein) by the other grandfather of the defiled young girl, named, Baba Jamal, who was a worker for Omar sometime earlier. After the introduction, Omar represented to Zein that he could import some V8 Toyota Land Cruisers for him at a relatively cheaper price. He convinced our Client into buying five (5) of these vehicles at a total price of Two Hundred and Thirty Thousand United States Dollars (USD 230,000). However, after paying the said sums of money to Omar, he rather used other means to take additional amounts totalling more than Two Hundred Thousand United States Dollars (USD 200,000) from our Client (Hassan Zein), but still refused to supply the said vehicles, despite all the pressure mounted on him to do so. This ultimately led to the institution of a legal action at the High Court Accra for the recovery of the sums received.


Most of the victims of his fraudulent activities have contacted us and they are ready and willing to appear before any adjudicating body to testify with all relevant information and assist the appropriate State agencies for thorough investigations and possible prosecution of the crimes committed by Omar and his family.



As at the date of preparing the instant petition, two different courts of competent jurisdiction have issued warrants for their arrest. The Accra Circuit Court issued a warrant for the arrest of Omar on the issue of the defilement. Not only has the Police published the warrant, but it has been re-laid to the Interpol for the arrest of Omar, wherever he is in this world. Due largely to the publicity of the cases involving Omar, the media picked up the story on the warrants and same has been widely circulated but not much appears to have been done by the State to follow up on the possible arrest, investigation and prosecution of these other offences committed by the syndicate led by Omar.


In addition, the Kwabenya Circuit Court also issued a warrant for the arrest of Mohammed Ould Ibrahim and about four other persons who are part of a group of Eighteen (18) who are standing trial for the offences involving the breach of the peace, threat of death, conspiracy to commit crime, amongst others.


We strongly pray and urge the government to collaborate with its neighbours to apprehend the suspects for the effective application of the rule of law. We have heard the call of the security agencies to provide the appropriate information for them to deal with crime wherever it may be; it is this clarion call that we are responding to. We want to be heard by the security agencies.



In September 2019, ten (10) out of the seventeen (17) accused persons, being the family members of Mohammed Ould Ibrahim were arrested by the officers of Ghana Immigration Service whilst attending court on the 17th day of September 2019 and additional four (4) arrested in different locations. However, while in transit to the Immigration custody, nine (9) of them escaped the grip of the officers.  During the heat of the detention of the children, a delegation of the Malian Embassy in Ghana, Dr Hassan Ayariga (the Founder and Leader of the APC political party), Bashir Ahmed Agali (an honorary consul from the Nigerien Embassy in Ghana), and one Alhaji Sulley Bashiru Mohammed and some other interested persons trooped to the Immigration Services in their bid to secure bail for them.


All the interventions to secure the children bail failed, as a result, Dr Hassan Ayariga, Bashir Ahmed Agali from the Nigerien Embassy, Isaac Eshun, the lawyer for Omar and his family came unexpectedly to the offices of our Client (Hassan Zein), to attempt mediation for the release of the arrested persons. However, as expected of him, in the presence of his lawyers, he dismissed the thought and suggestions that he was involved in the exercise undertaken by the law enforcers, and having no control of them, he could not possibly be seen to have any influence that could get the people released from lawful custody.


It was at this point of realizing that our Client had no role to play in the arrest and or the possible release of the family of Omar that they put forth the idea of yet another peaceful settlement of the matters among the parties to ensure a peaceful and amicable settlement of all that had gone wrong, which might possibly lead to the release or otherwise of the arrested accomplices of Omar from custody. In the said meeting, they informed the gathering that, their intervention was on the instructions of Omar, and that Omar had  instructed them to agree to certain fundamental terms, to wit, the rendering of unqualified apology to our Clients, a pledge to refund all his money to our Client (Hassan Zein), as well as a retraction of all the bad press he Omar had carried out regarding the persons of our Clients. Finally, he was going to put everything in writing and execute it in the presence of his lawyer (Isaac Eshun) and other witnesses. Omar was also to compensate the defiled girl and her family for the ordeal and trauma they have suffered. These were to form the basis of a new resolution between the three parties.


On the 18th day of September, 2019 (the next day after the arrest), we informed our Clients about a meeting held at the residence of Dr Hassan Ayariga, with Lawyer Isaac Eshun, Lawyer Justice Abdulai and Dr Hassan Ayariga present. At the said meeting, Dr Ayariga called Omar to inform him about the progress they had made in the resolution of the impasse and that a document had been finally prepared that contains substantially what he had asked for. Omar then expressed his gratitude to him and his team and requested for the passport details of his lawyer Isaac Eshun to enable him get him an air ticket to fly in and out of Mali for the purposes of executing the said document.


However, on the expected date of the lawyer’s return to Ghana, he did not show up, and several attempts to reach him was fruitless. Subsequent information indicated that the lawyer had been kidnapped and or detained by Omar and his other family members in Mali to be ostensibly used as a ransom for the release of his children in lawful custody (having been arrested by the Ghana Immigration Service and handed over to the BNI) in Ghana. Soon after that news broke, a story emerged on the website of a Magazine in Mali referred to as Croissance Afrique, detailing out yet another complete fabrication, falsehood and another defamatory story against the person of our Client (Hassan Zein). The said publication suggested that our Client (Hassan Zein) had rather kidnapped the children of Omar in Ghana and had sent Lawyer Isaac Eshun to take ransom from Omar before the children are released, and that he and the lawyer were in league to defraud Omar and that the lawyer was willing to testify to it. After more than a week of his trip to Mali, we were informed that he had still not returned but the information is not entirely clear, as to the reasons for the over one week stay in Mali, a fact that appears to confirm the kidnaping saga.



Omar with his intentions to endanger the life of the defiled young girl (knowing how their culture and practices are concerning rape), employed the media as a means of silencing the victim and her family. He creates multiple accounts in social media and uploads the video clips, nude pictures, fabricated and edited videos and pictures of everyone, including the lawyers of the victim, onto social media, thereby causing them more anxiety and in the process defaming them.


On occasions, he and the family will employ the mainstream media and publish this same information making it look authentic. He does these from across all their bases in Africa, in particular, Ghana, Mali, Togo, Niger amongst others. These strategies succeeded in not only intimidating the victim, her family and lawyers, but also gravely affecting the works and businesses of the Zein family, causing distress.  To give effect and boost to their agenda, they succeeded in getting to the outspoken Member of Parliament (MP), Honourable Kennedy Agyapong with copies of the edited videos, which was super imposed with the pictures of our Client (Hassan Zein) with several defamatory narratives accompanying it. Surprisingly on Net2 TV and Oman FM, the Honourable MP added his voice to the defamatory commentary and played the said edited and fabricated video to further damage the hard won reputation of our Client (Hassan Zein) and his entire business across the world.


However, after several meetings between the Zein, Anood and Yousef families on one part and the Honourable MP on the other part, it became clear that he had been used as part of a grand agenda to further an obviously wrong cause of action and in doing so perpetrated injustice to the families. As a result, the Honourable MP promised to help apprehend all the characters involved, to face justice in Ghana. He subsequently rendered an apology for his role that sought to tarnish the reputation of our Clients. Even though a suit was commenced at the High Court, Accra, on the strength of the same defamatory comments, subsequent meetings between the parties resolved that suit out of court and since then we have been working with the Honourable MP to find justice for our Clients.


As stated supra, Omar approached the National Chief Imam to intervene on his behalf for the defilement case to be dropped and the matters settled amicably at home. However, since it failed he launched attacks on everyone he believed was against him. Following his subsequent arrest at the Police Headquarters, Alhaji Sulley Bashiru Mohammed, (who claimed to be from the office of the Ministry of Interior) and another Maiga Lamine (claiming to be a Consular from the Malian Embassy) but we subsequently found out that he was an honorary consul of the Malian Embassy in Kumasi. These two men stood sureties for Omar and got him admitted to bail, after which he absconded from the jurisdiction of Ghana. Having been declared wanted; the two men Alhaji Sulley Bashiru Mohammed and Maiga Lamine were put before the Circuit Court of Accra to produce him on forfeiture proceedings. However, as always, Lamine Maiga swiftly left the jurisdiction and has since not returned to stand trial for his conduct either, and the other surety is yet to be found, even though indications are that he is in Ghana.

At a meeting with the Police hierarchy at the Police Headquarters, the authorities of the Police administration encouraged the parties to attempt settlement, but this only worsened matters as the children of Omar vandalised the vehicles of our Clients. Nevertheless, this event did not prevent Lamine Maiga to attempt settlement, as he took several steps in convincing our Clients’ family member. However strangely, he started making monetary demands in subtle ways each time he came for such settlement meetings. He continued demanding for money for such a period that our Clients realised that he was using them for financial gains and so they decided to back out of the negotiations.

After some weeks of the failed attempt of Lamine Maiga to broker a peace deal, one  Alhaji Sulley Bashiru Mohammed also commenced another peace talks, but once again he also started making several demands for unreasonable amounts of money and other things, thereby dissuading our Clients from participating in that peace settlement conference.


Subsequent to the abortive peace deal of Alhaji Sulley Bashiru Mohammed, came Bashir Ahmed Agali, an honorary consul of Republic of Niger in Kumasi. He invited the heads of the extended family of the victim and Omar, some of whom came from Yemen and other parts of the world to Accra for the meeting. Also, in attendance were our Client (Hassan Zein) and his lawyers. In the series of meetings that followed, Omar was not within the jurisdiction, but his children and other family members were duly represented and he joined the discussions mostly via phone. In the end, Omar admitted almost all the allegations levelled against him, in particular, the defilement, and the moneys taken from our Client (Hassan Zein), as well as the bad press made against our Clients in general. He rendered an unqualified and unconditional apology to our Clients and their family members and promised to be of good behaviour, having expressed his deepest appreciation for their efforts, time and resources to ensure peace amongst the parties.


Thus it was resolved that he puts his apology and promises into writing and execute same, after which all the parties were to wait for a period of two weeks to ensure that Omar and his family were indeed ready and willing to live by their words. Upon the instructions of Omar an amount of Twenty-Five Thousand Dollars (USD 25,000) was paid to our Client (Hassan Zein) in the presence of the lawyers of Omar as a token of acknowledging the debts owed him, with a promise to pay the rest later. After two days of this peace deal, Omar and his family commenced the insults, attacks, threats and all other means of vilifying and intimidating our Clients. They also fabricated a nonexistent story among other dangerous and false allegations indicating he is a terrorist, a drug tycoon, a fraudster and a financier of political parties across Africa to keep his business. On this basis, Interpol Ghana invited our client and after an encounter with him and finding him vilified, they commended his person in all their findings and sought the claim from Bamako to provide evidences, which never came. Interpol Ghana dismissed the claims as baseless and without merits.


It is after all these failed attempts to settle the disputes between the parties that all the issues about the fraud (419 in particular), printing of fake currency amongst others emerged. When the Immigration officials arrested the children of Omar in September 2019, and Bashir Ahmed Agali, Dr Hassan Ayariga and the lawyers of Omar attempted settlement among the parties, it was concluded at the gathering that it was not going to work out, however, the imminent persons felt the need to give it a chance with the hope that it might yield the desired result.



It is sufficient to point out at this stage that this press release is one of the series of press conferences and media encounters as well as petitions we have been presenting to the Police Administration, the Bureau of National Investigation (BNI), Ministry of Interior, Ministry of National Security, Ministry of Information, Ministry for Women, Children and Gender Affairs, as well as the Ministry of Justice and Attorney General, for justice to be done, without which an innocent man who only came to the aid of a defiled young lady, has literally lost everything he has toiled for in life.


We state with emphasis that it is largely due to the apparent lethargy on the part of the security agencies to deal with the root causes of these series of crime (in particular the defilement, threats of death, attempted murder, amongst others) that has resulted in the state of insecurity and emboldened Omar and his thugs to continue to perpetrate acts of lawlessness, knowing that nothing can or will be done against them even in the face of the fact that Omar and his cabal are being  hunted for in many countries around the world, and that a lot of broadcast had been made about them in several newspapers especially French and English newspapers. It will be prudent for all countries in the globe to be alert of this man and his cabal because their diabolic actions in the countries mentioned are enough testimonies that they may have been part of past and recent terrorists’ activities around the globe.


Finally, we implore the media, the general public and all concerned Ghanaians that in the interest of the nation and as a way of contributing to the fight against fraudsters should endeavor to pass on any information they have about the where-about of Omar in order to help protect all the private citizens of this country who are playing significant roles in the campaign for justice for our Clients, in particular our Client (Hassan Zein) who is mostly ignorantly portrayed as a foreigner, even though he is a Ghanaian, living in Ghana, married to a fellow Ghanaian and well established within the jurisdiction. This campaign to help an innocent young girl, has cost him and his family their entire business fortunes, having terminated the appointment of over One Thousand Three Hundred (1,300) Ghanaian workers and liquidating more than fifty of his companies which were doing decently well.


It is our respectful prayer and that of our Clients that Ghanaians  intervene in ensuring the prosecution of the defilement, threat of death, attempted murder among cases (the docket is ready for that purpose and advise from the attorney general’s office has been duly given), and the remaining cases swiftly prosecuted to serve as a deterrent to everyone. It is our humble opinion that the inability of the police to prosecute the cases is the reason for the continuous unlawful conduct of Omar and his family, and to some extent the reason for the build of tension between the two families.


We also respectfully request the immediate intervention of the required Security Services and all African States to investigate the backgrounds of these persons, how they succeeded in unlawfully bringing/importing the guns they use into the country and the licensing status of those guns. Any breaches found, we humbly request be dealt with in accordance with our laws.


We humbly count on your swift support and intervention for Mother Ghana and her citizens. The laws in Ghana must be seen to be working. It must work, and Ghana must work again for the people of Ghana and other law-abiding persons in Ghana. This is crucial because the man Omar is wanted in Benin, Togo, Niger, Burkina Faso, Senegal and Gambia.


The lawyers may be contacted for any further details, clarifications and any relevant information. However, we annex herein a copy of the results of the police medical form of the victim of the defilement, the medical notes on her current psychological state as at last year 2018, a copy of the charge sheet of Omar on the defilement case, and the charge sheet of some of the other offenses that he and his family are standing trial in the Circuit Court, Kwabenya. We further annex first pages of the two defamatory suits against Omar and his family, as well as the police gazette publication of wanted list of Omar, his wife and one of his children, only for the purposes of verification. For obvious reasons we are unable to publish the videos, however, several of them have been published by the television stations in Ghana, and are as a result available on their social media handles, but we have copies that can be made available to anyone interested in them.

Yours sincerely




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