Government Could Have Saved GHS143m of Taxpayers Money Over Purchase of 307 Ambulances - HRH Oscar Doe

Chairman of Doscar Group Holdings, Oscar Yao Doe has suggested to the Akufo-Addo administration to factor innocent Ghanaian taxpayers into consideration while expending their money on projects.

He particularly pointed out the wide difference in the amount spent by the government to acquire 307 ambulances, as compared to prevalent global market prices.

A comparison by the multimillionaire of the price of one ambulance (using the current price on against the cost announced by the government, shows a big difference of about $25m (GHS143m). "This whoping amount could have been expended on other projects that will benefit Ghanaians, if the government had done well to protect the public purse", he said.

Read his post below..

#HRHOscarYaoDoe's Exclusive Breaking News:

My Suggestion To Our Political Leaders: Next Time, Comb The Market Very Well To Compare Prices Before You Commit Taxpayers' Money Into A Transaction!

A Brand New Well -Equipped Mercedes Sprinter Van Ambulance Is Available Online At Alibaba.Com For $51,000.

Please, Next Time Do Your Best To Protect The Public Purse, Do Not Use $133,000 To Purchase An Item That Is Available Online For $51,000.

$51,000 × 307 = $15,657,000. $133,000 × 307 $40,831,000.

We Could Have Saved $25,174,000, An Equivalent Of Ghs 143,491,800 TO Build More School Blocks To End The (Present) Double-Track System.

This Advice Is Based On Love For Country.

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